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A Typical Balinese Offering to the Gods

My first stop in Bali was Ubud, and from the day I started planning my trip to Ubud I knew that it was important to me that I stay in a local Ubud guesthouse, rather than a “big name” hotel or resort.  I wanted to have a more authentic Balinese experience while also supporting the local economy.

I started my Ubud guesthouse search months in advance, occasionally getting close to clicking “book now” but always backing out at the last minute, until I stumbled across the listing for Dipa Home Stay, a small, family-run guesthouse in central Ubud.  It didn’t have a lot of reviews, but I could see from the photos that it looked charming (and clean!), and that it was in a good location for exploring the town, so I decided to reserve a room at Dipa Home Stay for six nights.

Arriving at the Guesthouse

Terrace at Dipa Home Stay, an Ubud Guesthouse in Bali, Indonesia

Dipa Home Stay is in the very center of Ubud.  If you’re coming from elsewhere in Bali, it’s easiest to come by private car (although some shuttle service is available too).  Consider joining a Facebook group like Ubud Community to connect with reliable local drivers.

Dipa Home Stay is located about halfway down Jalan Sukma, which crosses the main road in Ubud (Jalan Raya).  It takes five minutes to walk from this Ubud guesthouse to the main road, and five more to reach the very busy center of Ubud.  In the other direction, it takes about ten minutes to walk to the Ubud Monkey Forest (seriously, don’t miss it!).  There are sidewalks the whole way, but they tend to be a bit uneven.

Overall, I was really happy with the location, as it was far enough from the main road to be quiet at night, but close enough to be walkable (no need for a scooter to hop around town).

My Room at Dipa Home Stay in Ubud

Guestroom at Dipa Homestay, an Ubud Guesthouse in the center of Ubud, Bali.

(This is an unbiased review that is not sponsored. I paid in full for my stay at Dipa Home Stay and did not disclose to the hostel that I was a blogger.)

I had a private bungalow at Dipa Home Stay, which consisted of a spacious master bedroom and an attached bathroom.  The room was clean and bright, with a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables and a carved wooden bench where I could place my backpack.  There was powerful air conditioning available, but I rarely needed to use it since the trees around the bungalow kept things cool.

Bathroom at Dipa Homestay, an Ubud guesthouse in Bali, Indonesia

The bathroom in my room was surprisingly large.  Accessible via a fairly tall step down (not ideal for travelers with mobility impairments) it had a toilet, shower (with good hot water), sink and mirror.  The bathroom appeared to have a bit of space between the wall and the roof, so I kept the door closed whenever I was running the air-conditioning (so as to not waste energy cooling the outside air!).

I also had a small, shaded terrace outside my room, with a table and two comfortable chairs.

Overall, I was more than happy with the accommodation at Dipa Home Stay.  I spoke to some travelers staying in a dorm room in a hostel, and they were paying more per night than I was, and I had a private room (and bathroom!) to myself.

Breakfast at Dipa Home Stay Ubud

Ubud Guesthouse Breakfast - Fresh Fruit and Banana Pancakes at Dipa Home Stay

Breakfast at Dipa Home Stay was a simple affair, served each morning at the table on my terrace.  Every day there was a heaping plate of fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon and delicious papaya, with a banana on occasion) and hot, sweet tea, and the fruit was accompanied by something different each day, ranging from steamed vegetables to (my favorite) banana pancakes.  I told them that I would require a vegetarian breakfast, which they accommodated, but I can’t speak to any meat options.

Facilities at Dipa Home Stay Ubud

The Swimming Pool

Ubud Guesthouse Swimming Pool - The garden at Dipa Homestay in Ubud, Bali

Dipa Home Stay has a small swimming pool at the back of the property.  It is immaculately clean, and while I didn’t go for a swim, I did sit on the edge and dangle my feet in the water on a few hot afternoons.  There are also two sun loungers and an umbrella available for use.

Common Areas

There aren’t really common areas at this Ubud guesthouse, although you could gather your friends around the pool or on the terrace.  Since there are only four rooms (I think?) it’s not the best place to meet other people, but it is ideal for tranquility and local atmosphere.  If meeting other travelers is a priority, check out my guide to making friends while traveling (when you’re not staying in hostels).

Staff & Service at Dipa Home Stay in Ubud

Dipa Home Stay is a family-run operation, with three generations of a local Balinese family living on-site and available to help you with whatever you need.  The family speaks basic English and always check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable and happy in their shared home.  They are also happy to help out with little things – for example, when I sent my laundry to the service across the street, they arranged to collect it when it was finished so that I wouldn’t have to rush back to town to collect it.

Other Ubud Guesthouse Options

Dipa Home Stay was the only place I stayed in Ubud, so I can’t speak to other hotels and guesthouses. Instead, I’ll leave you with an updated list of accommodation deals in Ubud.  The biggest discounts are usually on more expensive and luxurious properties, as smaller places’ prices are already so low!


Dipa Homestay is an Ubud guesthouse operated by a local family. In the center of Ubud, Bali, it is walking distance from yoga students, vegan restaurants and Balinese Hindu temples.This Ubud guesthouse is run by a local family. In the center of Ubud, Bali, it features individual bungalows and a swimming pool, close to the city center, temples, yoga studios and vegan restaurants.


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