Your 2019 Travel Horoscope – Travel Tips for Every Star Sign

by Carly | Fearless Female Travels

Your 2019 Travel Horoscope

New year, new adventures!

For many travelers, the stars were aligned in their favor in 2018.  I heard from readers who explored every corner of the planet, from the jungles of Brazil to the vineyards of France, and everything in between.  More than ever, travelers in 2018 took action to reduce their ecological footprint, to engage in ethical travel experiences and to have authentic cultural experiences in the destinations they visited.

Could 2019 possibly be any better? 

Most definitely.

I consulted the internet’s top astrologers, who carefully analyzed the predicted path of the sun, moon and stars in 2019.  They compared this to their ancient texts and sought guidance from the travel spirits.  I even visited a psychic, who read my palm and my tea leaves to reveal my travel destiny.  Together, we carefully enscribed your 2019 travel horoscope upon an antique papyrus scroll. 

Just kidding.

I actually asked twelve travel bloggers – one representing each sign of the zodiac – to have a little fun.  Each blogger shared one of their favorite travel destinations and explained exactly why that particular place is perfect for other travelers who share their star sign.  Together, we really did create your 2019 travel horoscope, although it’s based more on where you’ll find cheap flights than on what celestial bodies will be flying past at any given moment.

Keep reading to find out what your travel future has in store, and make sure to let us all know in the comments if your astrological profile is accurate (and if you do decide to book a trip based on your star sign!). 

Aries 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Aries Travel Horoscope - Salento, Colombia

2019 Dream Destination for Aries Travelers: Salento, Colombia

Born in March and April, we Aries tend to “lead by our head”. The upside of being headstrong is courage and determination, while the downside is stubbornness and impulsiveness.

Appropriate to my sign, my choice of travel has mostly been that of solo backpacking and couchsurfing.  So, it’s not surprising that one of my favorite destinations is Colombia!  With its vast natural habitat and numerous backpacking trails, the country is adventurous and exciting… perfect for a brave, risk-taking Aries traveler!

The Colombian people are some of the warmest and most passionate I’ve met. My local hosts happily guided me around their homeland and fed me one too many meals. Despite ample tourism in some cities and towns, there are still loads of unexplored spaces and off-the-beaten-path routes. I loved the mystery of these places and was quickly seduced by their charm.

I think the best Colombia adventure for an Aries traveler in 2019 is located in Salento. The town is part of the Cocora Valley, which is home to some of the tallest wax palm trees in the world! The valley has crisscrossing paths up and down its mountain ranges. Although the hike to the top was physically challenging, the views are well worth it! (See that determination kicking in?)  And honestly, which Aries wouldn’t like getting lost in a Colombian jungle?  There really isn’t anything more exciting!

Written and photographed by Daisy from Beyond My Border

Taurus 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Taurus Travel Horoscope - Palm Springs, California

2019 Dream Destination for Taurus Travelers: Palm Springs, California

My entire life I’ve been labelled a fiercely loyal friend, lover of creature comforts and finder of great deals. Throw these characteristics in with a bit of earthiness and a whole lot of stubbornness and you perfectly sum up my Taurus personality.

For many years, my travel style rotated between palm trees and ski hills, concerts and big cities. Now that I’m a mom, I crave trips to places where I can spend quality time either sunbathing or getting active with a small group of friends or family.

Enter Palm Springs, California, a desert oasis that is only a short drive from Los Angeles. I’ve already been to Palm Springs four times and have a fifth trip planned in 2019.

With about 350 days a year of sunshine, Palm Springs is the kind of place you can go shopping for 1960s lamps in the morning and go hiking through cacti forests in the afternoon.  Palm Springs is a sure bet for any Taurus traveler because it often seems like we bulls have only two speeds as we wander the world: chill and hyped. Palm Springs speaks to both of my Taurus travel personalities.  It has a bunch of ways to relax (pools, bars, restaurants and the world’s best thrift stores) and a bunch of ways to get active (music festivals, hiking in the San Jacinto mountains or Joshua Tree National Park, and over a hundred golf courses).

There is no shortage of ways for sun-loving, frugal travelers to have fun in Palm Springs. Maybe I’ll see you there in 2019?

Written by Miranda from Anchors + Proteas

Gemini 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Gemini Travel Horoscope - Bali

2019 Dream Destination for Gemini Travelers: Bali

I’m a Gemini, which is characterized by the twins, Castor and Pollux. Their two sides can make us seem two-faced, but we’re actually just situational chameleons.

I believe Indonesia is the best destination for Geminis in 2019 because each island has its own personality for us to adapt to and thrive in.

Geminis have the unique capability to relax in the hippie vibes of Ubud, hop on a boat to Gili Trawangan and party with the gap-year Aussies, then cloak our hungover selves with reverence while we visit ninth century Buddhist temples in Central Java. We can get lost in a sea of 14 million people in Jakarta, and find adventure on the remote island of Nusa Penida.

Like a true Gemini, Indonesia itself is no stranger to accusations of being two-faced. When most people imagine Indonesia they either picture hipster, vegan-friendly, and yoga-obsessed Bali, or they think that it’s a remote cluster of islands with few amenities or first-world extravagances.

The truth is that it’s both. Indonesia is pristine beaches and endless pollution. It is Hindu temples next to Apple outlets. It is a $1 Bintang party paradise, and a yogic soul-searching utopia. Just like Geminis are great at adapting to all situations, an Indonesia getaway can also be adapted to whatever you want it to be.

Indonesia is both sides of the coin, both Castor and Pollux, and a true Gemini, welcoming its Mercury-ruled babes with open arms.

Written and photographed by Hannah Hoetmer from Outside of Oz

Cancer 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Cancer Travel Horoscope - El Tunco, El Salvador

2019 Dream Destination for Cancer Travelers: El Tunco, El Salvador

I’m a Cancerian (seriously, is there a worse name for a star sign?) which means I’m a nurturing homebody.  Apparently, Cancer people (that doesn’t sound any better, does it?) just love nesting and having a space they can call their own. Needless to say things can get a bit tricky for travelers born under the Cancer sign. And I have to say, after being on the road for weeks on end I enjoy nothing better than staying put for a while, which is why I was excited to discover El Tunco.

El Tunco is a tiny beach side town in El Salvador. It’s so small that it only has two streets, so no matter where you are in the town you’re never far from the beach. This is the perfect 2019 destination for Cancer travelers, as the Cancer zodiac belongs to the element of water and we like nothing better than being beside the sea.

We had planned to stay in El Tunco for three days but ended up staying for three weeks. We loved the beach town vibes and community feel of the town. It’s the kind of place where everyone gets to know your name and you can’t help but bump into each other several times a day.  The evening sunsets in El Tunco are stunning and everyone heads to the beach to see them. Traditionally, this is the time when you catch up with friends for a game of Frisbee, go for a surf or have your last swim of the day. Then it’s time for a happy hour cocktail or beer at your favorite bar while you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

El Tunco is perfect for Cancerians (sigh…) but I actually think that everyone should visit, no matter your star sign.

Written and photographed by Audrey from Gumnuts Abroad

Leo 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Leo Travel Horoscope - Azerbaijan

2019 Dream Destination for Leo Travelers: Azerbaijan

A Leo through and through, my star sign has gifted me the enviable traits of loyalty, honesty and courage—and apparently the not-so-flattering characteristics of jealousy, cold-heartedness and greed. If there were ever a destination that embodied a Leo’s contradictions, it’s Azerbaijan.

A former Soviet Republic, Azerbaijanotherwise known as “the land of fire”—is perhaps the ultimate 2019 travel destination for a fire sign such as a Leo. Thought to be the birthplace of the Zoroastrianism fire-worshipping religion, Azerbaijan found its fortune in oil. The country’s Abseron Peninsula has a fascinating landscape characterized by natural gas mud volcanoes, oil fields, and phenomena like Yanar Dag—a flaming hillside that’s been continuously burning ever since a shepherd flicked a lit cigarette at it in the 1950s.

Leos are extroverted, and Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, is a perfect example of how pride (and just a touch of vanity) can infuse urban planning. Architectural marvels such as the Zaha Hadid-designed Heydar Aliyev Center and the trio of Flame Towers are flashy to say the least. For a self-confident Leo traveler, there’s no better place to strut one’s stuff than on Baku’s Bulvar—a massive boulevard that stretches along the Black Sea waterfront. It’s currently vying for recognition as the biggest public park in the world. Azerbaijan doesn’t do things by halves.

Baku’s Parisian-style boulevards, fountains and manicured gardens may feel overbearing (especially when juxtaposed with the country’s modest rural areas), but just like a Leo, Azerbaijan is irresistibly charismatic at its core. It was Baku’s old town, the Icheri Sheher, that won me over in the end, with its renovated stone caravanserais and bath houses, former royal residences, carpet shops and lavishly decorated cafes.

To top it off, Leo’s symbol, the lion, is also a traditional icon of Baku and can be seen on insignia everywhere across the city—even woven into carpets!

Written and photographed by Emily Lush from Wander-Lush

Virgo 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Virgo Travel Horoscope - Japan

2019 Dream Destination for Virgo Travelers: Japan

As a Virgo, my friends know me as the person who loves being organised. They say I’m always prepared and appreciate my attention to even the very smallest detail. You could say my personality traits are quite true to my earthy Virgo star sign. So, you can imagine how I thought I’d found heaven when I visited Japan!

Having many expectations about Japan due to working with Japanese colleagues, upon arriving at Narita International Airport I was quite surprised to see how the luggage was arranged on the baggage carousel. It hadn’t been hastily thrown about like you’d expect. Each and every suitcase was sitting upright with luggage tags facing outwards for passengers to easily find their names. This small gesture towards my bag made me realize I was in for such a treat in this island nation.

Organized and efficient in literally everything they do, Japan is the perfect 2019 holiday destination for fellow Virgos. You’ll absolutely adore trains running on time (right down to the second!), how your food looks like an artistic creation when it is served, and even how meticulously items are displayed for sale in stores. If you purchase a gift, it is wrapped with such care that you’ll never want to open it!

The high level of attention to detail and quality extends to Japan’s streets and traditional architecture. In fact, even mundane items such as drain covers have gorgeous artworks painted on them!  At times, it feels like everyone has OCD in the best possible way, and I wondered why more places couldn’t strive to be this wonderful.

If, as a fellow Virgo, I’ve convinced you to visit, obviously you’ll want to be organized before you go, so make sure to learn the do’s and don’ts of visiting Japan to make the most of your trip!

Written and photographed by Alyse from The Invisible Tourist

Libra 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Libra Travel Horoscope - Thailand

2019 Dream Destination for Libra Travelers: Thailand

Libra’s are always searching for beauty and balance in their lives.

When I reached Bangkok for the first time my soul was thrilled.  I said to myself, “I’ve found the most perfect place in the world!”  It was immediately apparent that Thailand is the perfect destination for any adventurous Libra, as we love a bit of chaos… but in a very organized way.

Thailand has the perfect balance between the western and the eastern world, with enough adventure, delicious food, culture and even luxury to make any Libra very comfortable and happy. After you experience the indulgent Thai service in a luxury hotel, you may never go back to staying in hostels!

Libra travelers love variety, and Thailand can offer enough of it that you will never get bored.  Plus, Thais love happy people and Thais are very friendly, so there is always an excuse to share with others and engage in interesting chats with strangers. This social part of traveling is what Libra travelers thrive on, and immediately explains why Thailand is known as the “land of smiles”!

Food is very important for us, and any Libra loves to try out unique food and wine. Thai cuisine is one of the most tasty and distinct, from the street food of Bangkok, to world-renowned resort restaurants, to freshly-caught seafood in the islands.

Thailand is the most perfectly-balanced travel destination for every Libra traveler in 2019!

Written by Gloria Apara from NomadicChica

Scorpio 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Scorpio Travel Horoscope - Jodphur, India

2019 Dream Destination for Scorpio Travelers: Jodphur, India

I’m a Scorpio, which means I’m intense, complex, mysterious, and passionate. This makes India the perfect place for me – and other Scorpios – to visit!

India is a complex, intense and often mysterious experience. The culture is fascinating, the people are passionate, the food is spicy… It is an assault on the senses, and I love everything about it. Just riding or walking through the streets is crazy game of trying to avoid oncoming cars, pedestrians, tuk tuks, trucks, camels, dogs, cows, goats and even elephants!

The famed Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, epitomizes my Scorpio characteristics more than any other Indian destination. The city is dominated by Mehrangarh Fort, which rises dramatically above the city. Inside the fort, there are rooms hidden behind latticed windows, a museum filled with fascinating artifacts, crenellated battlements, lush gardens, stepped wells, and even mustachioed men who will happily teach you how to tie a turban.

The flying fox in Jodhpur is an adrenaline-pumping zipline from the fort’s battlements into the surrounding desert hills, with incredible views of the fort and the blue city. The markets are a kaleidoscope of colorful saris, turbans, tie dye workshops, and shops selling fabrics, ceramics and exotic spices. This is a city full of life and passion; it is easy to see why Jodhpur is the perfect place for a Scorpio traveler!

Written and photographed by James Ian from Travel Collecting

Sagittarius 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Dream Destination for Sagittarius Travelers: Berlin

Berlin, Germany is the Best Travel Destination for Sagittarius Travelers in 2019

When I was in elementary school, I bought a book about astrological signs at our school’s Scholastic Book Fair (remember those?).  When I got home that afternoon I jumped onto my bed and immediately flipped to the chapter about Sagittariuses.  As I read the chapter, even at the young age of ten years old, I thought to myself, “This explains so much!”

It has long been believed that people born under the Sagittarius star sign share some common characteristics.  We are highly curious, but tend to shift our focus from one topic to the next before we have a chance to explore anything in too much depth.  We are the sign most frequently associated with international travel, and are always on the go to somewhere new.  We also have some not-so-great characteristics, as Sagittariuses are slow to commit to everything from a drink with dinner to a life partner, ridiculously overconfident (“I backpacked across Europe solo… surely the Darien Gap can’t be much worse… right?”) and often prefer to walk away rather than work through a conflict.

With that in mind, I am totally convinced that Berlin, Germany is the perfect destination for Sagittarius travelers in 2019.  Berlin allows you to dip your toes into a little bit of everything, and you’re guaranteed to never get bored!  All you have to do is hop on the secret €3 sightseeing tour of Berlin, and in two hours you’ll be whisked across the city, past towering East German monuments, alongside some of history’s most iconic buildings, through lush green urban parks and to trendy pop-up boutiques.

As a multicultural city, a trip to Germany can almost feel like a trip around the world.  I love staying at the Casa Camper hotel in Mitte, because the surrounding streets have some of the city’s best fusion cuisine (check out Dada Falafel for amazing Middle Eastern food, Momo for delicious vegan and vegetarian dumplings, Daluma for uber-healthy vegan treats and the artsy Cinema Cafe in Haus Schwarzenberg – shown above – for fantastic coffee).  If you’ve got time, a visit to the riverfront Young African Art Market (YAAM) will show you how new immigrants are shaping the arts, culture, food and business scene in Germany’s capital.

Written and photographed by Carly from Fearless Female Travels

Capricorn 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Capricorn Travel Horoscope - Bhutan

2019 Dream Destination for Capricorn Travelers: Bhutan

Climbing Tiger’s Nest may be the top attraction in Bhutan, but understanding Gross National Happiness is key to the entire enterprise. You see, Tiger’s Nest is not a straightforward climb by any means.  First, you climb a hill, catch your breath and take in your first glimpse of the famed monastery before ascending another small hill. Then you reach the point from where the most iconic shots of the entire temple complex can been taken, before you climb down a row of stairs and then back up again. Whew!

Nobody can force you to do this trek, climbing up and down so many times, unless you understand happiness that comes from climbing to new heights. As a Capricorn traveler, I am grateful that the mountain goat sign permits me free rein over this impulse to keep climbing higher and higher.

I’ve climbed to hill forts in Europe, to historical temples in Asia and through rain-forests in Africa, for some truly epic sightseeing.  I’ve never once been disappointed by these sky-high experiences.

Sure, Tiger’s Nest is not an easy climb, no matter how friendly your guide may be or whatever protein bars and energy drinks you might have brought with you. In the end, though, the Capricorn traveler’s desire to climb higher must come from within, so that your mind can guide your body into the sanctuary of one of the most blissful places on earth… and being a mountain goat helps a lot on that sort of a journey!

Written by Priyanko Sarkar from Constant Traveler

Aquarius 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Aquarius Travel Horoscope - Peru

2019 Dream Destination for Aquarius Travelers: Peru

I am an Aquarius, which is an air sign, so of course Peru was the perfect destination for me – I could hike high up into the air at Machu Picchu!

Aquarius tend to be shy and a little bit quiet, but we can also be really energetic at times.  Therefore, it made sense for me to travel to Peru and hike to Machu Picchu.  I simply went to the mountain and climbed it, expending my energy and feeling the sweat run down my face with each passing step. I kept rather quiet as I ascended with my companions, absorbing the power of nature around me.

As an Aquarius traveler, I also require some form of mental stimulation at all times.  Whether I was observing the traditional breadmaking practices in Oropesa or conversing with a local in Cusco about ancient Incan traditions, I was happy and thoughtfully engaged at any given time.  Lima’s Plaza Mayor was an especially nice place for me to stop and chat with locals as I watched the changing of the guard ceremonies.

There was never a dull moment during my trip to Peru, and I highly recommend it for other Aquarius travelers in 2019!

Written by Kayla Yu from Nylon Pink

Pisces 2019 Travel Horoscope

2019 Pisces Travel Horoscope - Kotor, Montenegro

2019 Dream Destination for Pisces Travelers: Kotor, Montenegro

For those highly creative and sensitive Pisces out there, the best holiday spot features an environment you can unwind and relax in. A place you can forget about the outside world and recharge, reveling in your own consciousness and imagination. What is one of the best places to do this? The mountainous coastlines of Kotor, Montenegro.

Here, the ancient city center will take you back in time while the Bay of Kotor will soothe your reflective soul. The combination of cobblestone streets, ancient fortress walls and lines of laundry peppering the sky will help your imagination fly high.

But what a Pisces traveler really needs on holiday is water. As Kotor is surrounded by the calm lapping water of the bay, backed by breathtaking mountain views, you’ll have no problem finding peace along these sleepy coastal shores. Since on any given summer day Kotor sees its fair share of tourists hoping off cruise ships for the day, the quiet off-season in Kotor is best for a Pisces to find true comfort here.

However, even during high tourist season, Kotor at night reveals a peaceful, romantic side all throughout the year. Pisces who visit Kotor in 2019 will feel most in tune at this time of day, as the playful sunlight is replaced by beams of moonlight painting stripes across the orange roofs of this small city.

Written by Alex from The Wayward Walrus

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The complete 2019 travel horoscope for every zodiac star sign. Find our your ideal #travel destination for 2019! #fearlessfemaletravelsThe complete 2019 #travel #horoscope for every astrological star sign. Find our your ideal #travel destination for 2019! #fearlessfemaletravels

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