A Week in Paradise at Cocolobo Hotel on Roatan

Last week, I spent eight nights at Cocolobo, a beautiful boutique-style hotel in West End, Roatan, Honduras.  This was my fourth visit to Roatan and my second stay at Cocolobo, and I can definitively say that it is my top choice for the best hotel on Roatan.

Cocolobo is an intimate, eight-room hotel located on West End’s iron shore, a peaceful stretch of land that is only five minutes from town (by foot!) yet is far enough away that come dusk, the only sounds you’ll hear are waves lapping against the shore and the occasional gecko chirping.

For scuba divers who need a good night’s sleep before their morning dives, Cocolobo is the ideal accommodation choice in Roatan.

The Arched Entrance to Cocolobo Roatan

Everything about Cocolobo feels personal, from the greeting you’ll receive each morning from the hotel’s close-knit team of staff to the poolside honor bar (when was the last time a hotel trusted you to serve yourself drinks?) to the attention you’ll get from the two lobby cats, whose names just happen to be Coco and Lobo!

Rooms at Cocolobo

A Waterfront Guestroom at Cocolobo Roatan

My favorite thing about Cocolobo is the spacious and comfortable guestrooms.  Most of the rooms feature fully-screened windows on three sides (and a door on the fourth) allowing for amazing air circulation without letting in any tropical insects.  In fact, the breeze was so comfortable that I only turned on my air conditioner once during my eight-night stay.  My room in Cocolobo had two double beds, each with a good mosquito net (which is only needed if you leave your doors open in the night) and two comfortable pillows.

Sitting Areas in Cocolobo Roatan Hotel Guestrooms

As you can see, there is more than enough space to lay out your yoga mat, and there is also ample space to put all of your stuff without needing to leave anything on the floor.  In addition to these two wicker chairs and the small table, I also had a waist-height desk which was perfect for storing my suitcase.  There were outlets in at least three locations around the bedroom, plus more in the closet and the bathroom.

Speaking of the closet, Cocolobo has really gone above and beyond to make your stay comfortable.  The closet area has lots of coat-hangers so that you can dry your wet towels and swimwear, as well as a mini-fridge that is continually stocked with purified water and a safe where you can keep your valuables.  Because Roatan’s economy is mostly cash-based, it’s reassuring to know that your dollars (or lempiras) are safe in the hotel.

Bathrooms at Hotel Cocolobo Roatan

Even the bathrooms at Cocolobo are spacious.  Expect a wide counter with lots of room to spread out your stuff, and fresh towels (including face cloths – a rarity at hotels in the Caribbean!) whenever you need them.  While they prefer that you keep your bath towels in the room, the hotel has complimentary beach towels available at reception… you can help yourself every time you head to the pool or the beach!  Do keep in mind that the hotel doesn’t provide toiletries or a hair dryer (really, who needs a hair dryer on Roatan?) so bring your favorite soap, shampoo and conditioner from home.

I have stayed at several other hotels in Roatan, and think that Cobolobo is absolutely the most comfortable.  Many other hotels are cramped and offer little air circulation, which makes Cocolobo feel even more like a breath of fresh air.

Amenities at Cocolobo

Relax in a hammock on your balcony at Cocolobo Hotel on Roatan Honduras

My favorite thing about staying at Cocolobo is the stunning view from each room’s semi-private balcony.  With every room facing west, there is no better place to curl up with a good book in your hammock, or relax with a cold beer in your deck chair, while you watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.  The south building (where I prefer to stay) has a tree that attracts some really interesting tropical birds, while the center and north buildings have totally-unobstructed views of the waterfront.

Swimming Pool at Cocolobo Roatan

Of course, you’ll want to venture down from your balcony every now and then to spend time at Cocolobo’s hotel pool.  Surrounded by luscious greenery, the pool is open twenty-four hours a day (but it’s usually unoccupied from sunset until noon the next day) and has lounge chairs on both side.  If you feel like grabbing a drink by the pool, head to the hotel lobby and open up the honor bar for a beer or a soda, jotting down what you took on the tally sheet.  There is also a book exchange, free snorkel gear to borrow and information about local tourist attractions.

And yes, each room at Cocolobo has wifi and a television.  I didn’t turn on the TV during my stay (I’d rather watch geckos climbing on the balcony walls) but if you do need a little screen time, Cocolobo will accommodate your needs.

Breakfast at Cocolobo

Breakfast at Cocolobo is included in your room rate and feels a bit like a family affair.  Self-serve coffee and tea are available from six o’ clock in the morning, and food service starts at seven.  First, swing by the lobby bar to choose from an assortment of fresh fruit, granola, yogurt and fruit juice.

Self-Serve Breakfast Buffet at Cocolobo Roatan

I like to start my breakfast with lots of fresh fruit, a little juice, and some coffee with milk.

Fruit Salad Breakfast at Cocolobo Roatan

Then, you’ll be offered the daily hot plate, which is cooked to order for you.  Fortunately for me, Cocolobo’s breakfasts are almost always vegetarian-friendly, with bacon being served only one day per week.

Eggs Cooked to Order at Cocolobo Roatan

One morning, we were given the choice of eggs (fried or scrambled) along with toast and guacamole.

Eggs Scrambled with Vegetables at Cocolobo Hotel Roatan Honduras

Another morning, we had toast with huevos mexicanos (eggs scrambled with onions, peppers and tomatoes).

However, it wasn’t only eggs!  One of my favorite dishes was the fresh banana pancakes, and I also loved the bean and cheese baleada that was offered one morning.  I love seeing hotels on Roatan that incorporate local ingredients and local dishes into their breakfast service!

You should note that on Sunday morning, the cooking staff get most of the morning off work.  On Sundays, you can self-serve from the regular dishes, plus grab a slice (or two… or three…) of banana bread and a piece of quiche.

Breakfast at Cocolobo is a great time to chat with other hotel guests.  Most people staying in the hotel will head out for a 9:00 am dive at one of Roatan’s dive shops, so everyone descends on the kitchen at 7:00 to fuel up.  Expect to share stories about the previous day’s dives, local restaurant recommendations, ideas for future dive destinations and ways to save money on your scuba diving trips.

Booking Your Stay at Cocolobo Hotel

Booking Cocolobo Hotel Roatan

I always book my stay at Cocolobo through Booking.com.  I’m loyal to Booking.com because I believe it is the most transparent and easy-to-use hotel booking site.  I have never been surprised by an unexpected surcharge when booking through their site, I always fully understand the change and cancellation conditions (which are often more lenient than booking directly through the hotel) and I love using the responsive map tool when I’m searching to find hotels close to the things that are important to me (public transportation, great restaurants and relatively-quite nighttime surroundings).

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While you’re on the island, consider venturing beyond West End’s dive shops to some of my favorite Roatan excursions.

Have you visited Roatan?  Let me know your favorite thing to do on Honduras’ Bay Islands in the comments below!

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