50 of the Very Best Places for Day Drinking Around the World

by Carly | Fearless Female Travels

You know that saying, “It’s five o’ clock somewhere?”  Well, I’ve got news for you.  There is no reason to wait until five o’ clock to crack open a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine, because day drinking is actually enjoyed all across the globe.  You don’t need to sync your schedule to a far-off time zone… my extensive day drinking research has proven that day drinking is a favorite pastime on every continent, and loved locals and travelers alike.

I got the idea to research day drinking around the world from a recent post I read on social media.  A solo female traveler was asking how she could experience the bars and local beverages in a city that she was visiting, as she didn’t feel safe returning to her hotel alone, late at night.  I made an off-hand comment along the lines of, “Why wait for sundown?  You need to discover the joys of day drinking!” and my inbox exploded with likes and replies from other travelers who love day drinking.  They shared all the reasons they love day drinking while traveling: they felt more safe drinking during the day, they liked afternoon and happy hour special drink prices, day drinking helped them maintain a more regular sleep schedule and some destinations simply beg for an ice cold (or piping hot!) beer.

So, I put out a call to my travel blogging friends, and I asked them for their recommendations about the best places for day drinking around the world.  The response was astounding, and it showed the huge variety of day drinking destinations and beverage options around the world, from public parks in South Korea to cozy bars in Belgium to the beaches of Brazil.  To keep things fair, I listed these day drinking destinations in alphabetical order, first by country and then by city, because trying to rank them any other way would have been simply impossible.

Keep reading to discover the very best places in the world to indulge in a little bit of day drinking, and let me know in the comments if I’ve missed your favorite day drink or destination! 

#1 Day Drinking in Mendoza, Argentina

Day Drinking in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina is ideal for day drinking.

The entire Mendoza wine region is designed for day drinking, with its affordable wine tastings, winery lunches with wine pairings and beautiful weather year-round. But the creme de la creme of Mendoza winery lunches is the five-course lunch with (bottomless!) wine pairings at Bodega la Azul in the Uco Valley.  This small, family-owned vineyard and restaurant is set at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The outdoor seating offers incredible views of the mountains to savour while you sip on your wine.

Lunch at La Azul is drawn out, designed for the guest to relax and enjoy the meal… and most importantly, the wine. The first course starts with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, but after that, it’s all about the Malbec. Argentina, and the Uco Valley, in particular, is world-famous for this red wine varietal. In between courses, guests are invited to fill up their glass and relax on the sofas placed on the grass.

The La Azul winery is isolated in the Argentinian countryside, so it’s best to hire a private driver for the day and combine the visit with tastings at nearby wineries before lunch.  You’d better get an early start!

Erin Mushaway at Sol Salute

#2 Day Drinking in Yerevan, Armenia

Day Drinking in Yerevan, Armenia

One of my favorite things to do in Yerevan, Armenia is drink wine! I love to head to the city’s “wine street”, Saryan Street, in the afternoon, where I can order a glass of Karas Wine and work on catching up on emails or work. Yerevan is such a reserved and chilled out city that its sidewalk cafes, particularly on Saryan Street, offer a great atmosphere for getting work done while enjoying a glass of wine or two.

You can get a glass of Karas red wine for an extremely affordable price ($2 or less) on Saryan Street, and it is served a bit chilled, which I like. If you really love your day drinking like I do, you can order an entire bottle, casually sit outside and slowly drink it without feeling rushed- which is something that I find unique to Yerevan. Day drinking can be done anywhere in the Armenian capital, but I find a glass of Karas on Saryan Street to be my favorite experience.

Meghan Starr at MeghanStarr.com

#3 Day Drinking in Maffra, Australia

Day Drinking in Maffra, Australia

Blue Gables Vineyard is located in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range near Maffra, Australia. The vineyard is set up with wooden picnic tables and umbrellas overlooking the farm lands surrounding the Macalister River.

On a sunny day, both locals and visitors love to do some weekend day drinking by meeting up with friends, sitting around and trying some of Blue Gables’ amazing wines.  For us, there is nothing better than sipping from a chilled bottle of Moscato wine, sharing a wood-fired pizza and relaxing in this chilled-out environment.

Blue Gables’ Moscato is a sweet, refreshing wine that lightly sparkles with a rose aroma and effervescent floral flavors. We can tell you its easily consumed and the perfect social day drink that everyone will love.

Mark Wyld from Travels in Gippsland

#4 Day Drinking in Melbourne, Australia

Day Drinking Prosecco in Melbourne, Australia

There is no better way to spend a sunny day drinking in Melbourne, Australia than sipping prosecco outside at one of Melbourne’s many famous bars.

Light, bubbly and refreshing, prosecco is the perfect drink to linger over as you relax in the sun.

In recent years Australian producers have mastered the art of Italian prosecco and you can find their drops all over town. Our favourite Australian proseccos come from the King Valley region, produced by Italian migrant families Dal Zotto and Pizzini… but really we are not fussy!

Just find us a seat at Arbory Bar on the Yarra River, next to Flinders Street station, and we are happy. For a change of scenery and a unique venue in the middle of the river, head to Ponyfish Island (shown above). Here, your prosecco adventures in Melbourne continue in the shade of the Southbank bridge. It’s the kind of quintessential hidden bar that Melbourne is known for.

Katy at Untold Morsels

#5 Day Drinking in Sydney, Australia

Day Drinking on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

The Bondi area in Sydney, Australia is the perfect place to day drink among other cheerful day drinkers. This is mainly due to the Bondi beach and Bondi Junction areas being popular with backpackers who don’t need much of an occasion to get their party on. It’s a popular pastime for the working holiday-makers in Sydney, who often start day drinking after an early finish on a Friday. This can continue throughout the weekend and culminates in the Sunday session which starts sometime on Sunday morning and ends when the pub closes.

Most pubs in the area open early and have a very casual feel so you needn’t get dolled up for day drinking session.

The ideal day drink in Bondi is beer. A schooner (450mls) of Tooheys New on tap is a safe bet, Pure Blonde is a little less bitter and lower carb if that matters to you, and wine is also perfectly acceptable for those of us who can go the day-drinking distance on the vino.

Emma at Money Can Buy Me Happiness with a photo from Duncan Cunningham-Reid

#6 Day Drinking in Brussels, Belgium

Day Drinking in Brussels, Belgium

A mere 20 minutes from the bustle of Brussels’ Grand Place, you’ll find the commune of Saint Gilles. Described by its mayor as the place where the world comes to meet, it’s an opportunity to see the real Brussels, Belgium. Here, alongside fabulous Art Nouveau buildings by the architect Victor Horta, you’ll find life lived among friends and family. You’ll find that life plays out both around you and with you in the bars of Saint Gilles.

If you’re a fan of Belgian beer, then there are plenty of choices to sit back and enjoy day drinking in Brussels with a favourite brew. One popular venue is Union, where you’ll find lost gloves returned, families hugging and the chance to enjoy a Boon Oude Kriek, a lambic beer that is full of cherry goodness, along with a molten vat of homemade lasagna. Just down the street, Egalite keeps more than ninety beers in a long bar studded with chandeliers. Make a day drinking date with a glass of the splendid Orval, and feel the sheer pleasure of being in Brussels.

Bernie Jackson at A Packed Life

#7 Day Drinking in Caye Culker, Belize

Day Drinking in Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is a gorgeous Belizean island in the turquoise blue Caribbean sea. It’s a laid-back hippie hamlet where the rum is cheap, and everyone calls you friend.

In 1961 the island was hit by Hurricane Hattie and an existing channel was widened, effectively “splitting” the island in two. That area is now known as The Split and the beach area is a magnet for visitors to the island. It’s where travellers come to hang out, swim, snorkel, play games and drink rum! Everyone ends up here at some point, and once you arrive it’s impossible to drag yourself away.

The hottest spot at The Split is the Lazy Lizard. A fun bar that’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some day time drinking.
And you can’t visit the Lazy Lizard without trying some Lazy Lizard Juice! A refreshing drink made from a mix of white, dark and coconut rum, soda water, syrup and a splash of lime. Mmmhmm delicious!

The Lazy Lizard attracts the happy hour crowd at any time of the day. And it’s the ideal spot to catch the smooth Caribbean vibe.

Audrey from Gumnuts Abroad

#8 Day Drinking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day Drinking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Without a doubt, my favourite location for a spot of day drinking is Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

We visited just after the Olympics in 2016 and the whole city was alive with incredible atmosphere. If you visit during Carnival, then Rio literally becomes the ultimate party scene!

Either way, Copacabana Beach is awesome at all times of the year. And your drink of choice? It’s got to be a caipirinha! This is the most famous cocktail anywhere in Brazil, and I can’t believe I had never heard of it before I visited! It is made from a spirit called cachaça, which comes from sugar cane. The cocktail is very simple to make: simply crush ice, lime juice and brown sugar, and then mix in some of the cachaça.

Capirinhas are incredibly refreshing and very, very cheap to get anywhere in Brazil, making them perfect for day drinking in the hot sun. It is honestly my favourite cocktail and I always try to find a caipirinha whenever I’m out for a few drinks.

Next time you’re in Rio de Janeiro, follow my lead and hit the beaches for a capirinha cocktail (or four).

Bradley Williams from Dream Big Travel

#9 Day Drinking in Sofia, Bulgaria

Day Drinking in Sofia, Bulgaria

For me, day drinking and Sofia, Bulgaria will always be synonymous. In a culture that is obsessed with outdoor seating and where you can get a delicious bottle of wine at one of the best restaurants in the city for under $15 USD, what else would you do?

Since I live in Sofia, there are many places that I go to drink there, but my favorite place to day drink has to be the restaurant 33 Gastronauts in the hip Oborishte neighborhood. The outdoor, partially-covered garden is a fantastic setting for day drinking, as it’s simultaneously outdoors but also sheltered in what feels like your own private garden. They have a fantastic list of wines from around the world with an impressive focus on Bulgarian wines.

My personal favorite wines from Bulgaria are rosés from the Thracian Valley. They are light, slightly fruity but still dry, which to me are all the components of a great day drinking wine. And since Bulgarian wines are rarely exported and are mostly consumed in the country, it may be one of your only chances to try delicious Bulgarian wine! Paired with delicious appetizers like hummus with avocado and sweet potato chips or heartier dishes like homemade sausages with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes, there’s no place I’d rather day drink!

Allison from Sofia Adventures

#10 Day Drinking in Calgary, Canada

Day Drinking in Calgary, Canada

Although it’s not your typical cocktail, any good Canadian will tell you there is nothing like a Caesar to kickstart your day drinking session. And what better place to enjoy a Caesar than its birthplace, Calgary, Alberta?

Think of a Caesar as the spicy, wilder cousin of a Bloody Mary – vodka, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and Clamato juice (yes, that’s clam and tomato juice!), served with a celery salted rim and typically topped with delicious garnishes such as pickled beans, asparagus or olives. But don’t let the clam juice throw you off! This cocktail is super popular across Canada for good reason and is a great addition to a boozy brunch.

Whether you are in Calgary for the annual Calgary Stampede or to explore the Rocky Mountains, make sure you check out the bar National on 8th for one of the best Caesars in the city. This bar has an insane rooftop patio (the largest in Western Canada), fun rooftop games and glorious views of the city.  Come for a visit and get your day drinking started with Canada’s unofficial national cocktail!

Roxy from The Coastal Campaign

#11 Day Drinking in Prince Edward County, Canada

Day Drinking in Ontario, Canada

For a day of activity with boozy rest stops, visit Prince Edward County, Ontario, for a craft brewery tour by bicycle. The County lies a few hours outside of Toronto, and is an increasingly popular craft beer hub for locals and tourists alike.

Prince Edward County (PEC) is farmland-turned-wine and beer region with a vibrant art scene and food that compliments it. Every year, we bring or rent bikes to PEC and cycle from brewery to brewery. It’s the ideal balance of day drinking and exercise.

For a “hang loose” vibe, head to Prince Eddy’s for beach volleyball, corn hole, live music, and a Frisbee toss. Try their “You’re My Boy Blue-Berry Wheat”, the perfect companion to listening to the Tragically Hip. At Lake on the Mountain Brewing Co., my favourite beer is the English Ale. Enjoy it with free popcorn in their beer garden that backs onto a tadpole pond. As the day wears on, try Grandpa’s Coffee Stout at Parson’s as you relax in oversized Muskoka chairs. If you like sour beers, 555 Brewery is for you with its Jail Cell Sour Series. Let it be known that their pizzas are delicious, too!

Finally, end your day of beer and biking at Sandbanks Provincial Park in PEC. Here you’ll find Ontario’s white sand beaches lining some of the clearest freshwater in the world. It’s the perfect place to have a campfire and toast some marshmallows, and maybe enjoy a couple more evening brews as you relax beneath the stars.

Lauren Chu from The Ridgeline Report

#12 Day Drinking in Shanghai, China

Day Drinking in Shanghai, China

Riversides generally make fantastic locations for day drinking, and the side of this one in Shanghai, China is no exception… especially as it has a great pub right there on its banks.

The pub in question, called Flamingo Craft Beer and located in the city’s gorgeous Qibao Old Town, is a great day drinking spot for a couple of reasons.

First is the view from the window. You can find lots of that old Chinese architecture when you travel around the country. You can also find plenty of places to drink beer. But to be able to drink a beer with that view is not so common.

The second reason is the beer they serve here. Most Chinese beer is light, weak, terrible lager. Not so in Flamingo Craft Beer. The clue, obviously, is in the name. American imports are available alongside local brews. I’m a fan of the Witchcraft Hazy IPA, a Shanghai offering that you can in the glass in the photo.

So let’s put all that together. That’s a rare view for a bar. For it to be the view from a craft beer bar is extra rare. If you’re looking for a place to day drink in Shanghai and find yourself in Flamingo Craft Beer, there’s probably only one more thing you could ask for, in my experience, and that would be the answer to the question, “How did I get home last night?”

Lee Webb at My Favourite Lens

#13 Day Drinking in Palmižana, Croatia

Day Drinking in Croatia

One of my best memories of travelling through Croatia is sailing through the Adriatic Sea. Our trusted and knowledgeable skipper took us to many different islands including a little island that is off the beaten path.

We sailed into Palmižana, which is part of the Pakleni Islands, just southwest of the island of Hvar, Croatia, and docked our sailboat at the yacht marina,  Then we followed the guided path, and in no time, we found the perfect spot for some sun and relaxation at Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House.

Our spot was right on the rocky beach in front of the turquoise blue water. And we quickly ordered a round of gemišt, our go-to drink during our entire trip in Croatia.

Gemišt is a traditional and popular summer drink in Croatia. Wherever you go in Croatia, you can order this refreshing white wine spritzer. It has the perfect ratio of equal parts of white wine and sparkling mineral water. While you are enjoying the most refreshing beverage, you are also staying hydrated.

So if you travel to Croatia, you must try this popular beverage. You can order it at any cafe or restaurant. Gemišt is the perfect drink anywhere, and any time.

Queenie Mak from Ms. Travel Solo

#14 Day Drinking in Havana, Cuba

Day Drinking in Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba is known for its nightlife, but the truth is Cubans also love to drink rum during the day.

Most tourists spend their time in Old Havana, which is a gorgeous and home to several bars claiming that Hemingway once drank there, but I prefer the more modern side of Havana, and drinking where the locals go.

You probably won’t see the locals ordering a daiquiri, mojito or Cuba libre cocktail. Instead they’ll often be sharing a bottle of Havana Club rum, or sipping on Cristal or Bucanero beer.

My absolute favorite spot for day drinking in Havana is Playa del Estes, just outside of the city center. This beach is where locals visit on weekends.  That being said, if you really want a cocktail in Havana try 403 O’Reilly in Old Havana, a popular gin bar that also has other mixed drinks.

Ayngelina Brogan from Bacon is Magic

#15 Day Drinking in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Day Drinking in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Walking through Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, last summer, we came upon a wonderful little shop called Loutky a Vino Puppets and Wine. We walked past it once but then returned, curious as to what we’d find inside.

Just inside the door were incredible Czech marionettes but when we asked about the wine, an old gentleman brought us to the back and down an old set of stairs where, at the bottom, was an incredible wine cellar. The gentleman’s son took us around the cellar and told us about the local wines.

The following day knew we would travel to Moravia, which is known as wine country, but he was very clear, these wines were better, as they were Czech (clearly a jab at the Moravia area not being viewed as Czech!). We picked up two bottles of Lobkowicz Roudnice, a wonderful red Bohemian wine.

We opted to return to our flat at Castle View Apartments… and what a view we had! We settled in on our balcony overlooking Krumlov Castle and enjoyed a glass ….. well, actually a few glasses, of Bohemian wine.

Even if you’re not staying the night in a location with a fantastic view, Český Krumlov is filled with wonderful locations for an afternoon glass of local wine. Check out the veranda at Papa’s Restaurant or set up for a little picnic beside the Vltava River in the shadow of Krumlov Castle and indulge in some day drinking as you watch the kayakers pass by.

Joanne at Sunsets and Rollercoasters

Intermission – Day Drinking Accessories!

Love day drinking but hate getting arrested by the police for public consumption of alcohol?  Want to sneak your own booze onto a cruise ship?  Are you seriously just d-o-n-e with being employed?  If so, pop your beverage into one of these hidden flasks and drink all day, anywhere you please. 

#16 Day Drinking in Épernay, France

Day Drinking in Épernay, France

Épernay is a great destination for champagne lovers who also love day drinking. In fact, Épernay is the capital of the Champagne area! It is in Épernay where the most famous champagne brands like Moët Chandon and Mercier have their headquarters and vineyards, but there are also other independent champagne makers with interesting proposals.

The champagne is produced in a very limited area, with very specific kind of grapes and a very specific process. Any drink produced out of this area or without following these rules cannot be called champagne; that’s why the champagne is so exclusive!

In Épernay, the most famous brands propose interesting champagne tours where you can learn about champagne, understand the history of the brand and also explore its underground cellars. Usually, these tours finish with a champagne tasting and the possibility of buying some champagne, so if you plan on buying some bottles go with your wine tote bag or your wine suitcase to carry them home safely. Épernay is well connected by train, which makes of Épernay an excellent day drinking day trip from Paris or Reims.

Elisa at World In Paris

#17 Day Drinking in Tbilisi, Georgia

Day Drinking in Tbilisi, Georgia

Check out those views!

This is what you see from the rooftop patio at Envoy Hostel in Tbilisi, Georgia. I spent more than one week at this hostel, and some of my favorite memories of my time in Tbilisi started on this patio, day drinking in the early afternoon with a bottle of semi-sweet Georgian red wine and the company of some other awesome travelers.

Many experts believe that Georgia is actually the birthplace of wine, with archeological expeditions finding remnants of traditional wine-making processes dating back to 4000 BC. Back then, grape juice was placed into huge clay pots and left underground to ferment, a process that is still used in many small-scale and home wineries today.

I’ve always had a soft spot for sweet wines, ever since I first tasted Moscato d’Asti when I lived in Turin, Italy. I quickly became hooked on Georgia’s many semi-sweet red wines, including a Tbilvino Alazani Valley varietal that was perfect for day drinking on Envoy Hostel’s terrace, looking out over the ancient churches and Kura river below.

If day drinking in Georgia has piqued your interest, be sure to check out my Tbilisi City Guide and my post about the best day trips from Tbilisi.

Carly at Fearless Female Travels

#18 Day Drinking in Berlin, Germany

Day Drinking in Berlin, Germany

When it comes to day drinking, beer is rarely my drink of choice.  Usually, I’d much rather have a glass of wine or even a fruity cocktail when I’m sitting outside, enjoying the afternoon sun with a beverage in hand.

Berlin, Germany is an exception, however.  Whenever I’m in the German capital, I can’t resist joining the locals for a frosty glass of cold beer, preferably at a sidewalk picnic table or another busy location that lends itself to people watching and meeting new travel friends.

On my most recent trip to Berlin, I did my usual secret sightseeing tour and also joined the Alternative Berlin Free Walking tour.  One of our stops was the Young African Art Market, a riverfront cultural collective where young immigrants from Africa have set up small businesses, including four food stalls, a dreadlock-focused hair studio and an actual beach bar!  It felt wrong to leave without slipping off my Birkenstocks, digging my toes into that “tropical” Berlin sand and ordering a politically-charged glass of beer, which I had to drink in like, three minutes, so that I wouldn’t get left behind by my tour guide!

Carly at Fearless Female Travels

#19 Day Drinking in Munich, Germany

Day Drinking in Munich, Germany

Germans are no strangers to day drinking!  Walk past a cafe at any hour of the day, or drop into a truck stop in the early morning hours, and you are sure to see someone already sipping on a cold brew.

So, it’s no surprise that Munich’s annual Oktoberfest festival is one of the best places in the world for some serious day drinking! In fact, you are better off getting an early head start if you’re going to Oktoberfest (unless you actually enjoy fighting your way through hoards of drunk people, that is!).  The good news is that even on a Sunday morning at opening hour, visitors to Munich’s Oktoberfest can still expect a great party atmosphere.

While there are plenty of tents to go have a giant Maß of beer, my personal favorite is the Hacker-Pschorr “Himmel Der Bayern” (Heaven of Bavaria) tent, where the beer flows in a beautifully decorated atmosphere that makes you feel like you are floating in the sky (or could that feeling be the buzz from the beer?).

LeAnna Brown from Well Traveled Nebraskan

(Carly’s Note: Day drinking at Oktoberfest can get pricey… if you’re looking for the cheapest beer in the world, head to Ukraine instead!)

#20 Day Drinking in Roatan, Honduras

Day Drinking on the Caribbean Island of Roatan, Honduras

Drinking and scuba diving don’t mix, which is why day drinking on Roatan, Honduras is saved for special occasions.  Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras, and it is one of the best places for cheap scuba diving trips in the region.  Because of this, I make an annual trip to West End, Roatan, my favorite town on the island for both diving and day drinking!

Roatan’s signature drink is the Monkey Lala, and this serious calorie bomb is the perfect boozy substitute for a real lunch on a day that you don’t plan on diving.  This blended frozen drink contains lots of rum, Kahlua, cream of coconut, half-and-half, and chocolate syrup, with an optional frozen banana blended into the drink (for potassium!) and whipped cream on top.

For something a little bit more restrained, hit up one of West End’s many beachfront restaurants and order fresh tropical juice mixed with local rum – you can have it blended or on the rocks, and your server can tell you which juices are in season.  While you’re drinking, look into the water below and watch for tropical fish (or even the occasional eagle ray!)… and stop drinking before dinner, so you’ve got lots of time to sober up before your dive the next day!

Carly at Fearless Female Travels

#21 Day Drinking in Dublin, Ireland

Day Drinking in Dublin, Ireland

O’Donoghue’s Bar is a historically significant drinking place located 15 Merrion Row in Dublin, Ireland. It is a popular pub that has attracted tourists from all over the world for over fifty years. O’Donoghue’s is known for its amazing, live, traditional Irish music, and it’s the place that introduced the popular band The Dubliners in 1960s. The bar is also frequented by other world renowned Irish traditional music bands and artists, whose pictures are displayed inside the pub.

Considered to be one of the most authentic Irish pubs in the country, this bar does not only offer good entertainment but also good drinks. A popular day drinking pub as well, O’Donoghue’s Bar is open from 10 am to midnight daily.  There’s no better place to experience Ireland in an authentic way other than to gobble down a pint or two of Guinness while listening to traditional Irish songs.

Christine Rogador from Ireland Travel Guides

#22 Day Drinking in Courmayeur, Italy

Day Drinking in Courmayeur, Italy

Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley, Italy is a gorgeous Alpine resort with a very relaxed vibe.

During the summer is it busy with day trippers and outdoor enthusiasts, who are drawn to Courmayeur by the dramatic Italian Alps which surround the village. In the winter it is a popular place for enjoying some apres-ski.

Cafe Roma is a cosy bar situated on the main pedestrian street. During the summer I recommend grabbing a seat outside, ordering an Northern Italian favorite, the Aperol Spritz cocktail, and enjoy some people watching. This refreshing drink is served up with complimentary nibbles like local charcuterie and tasty crudites, which combine for a “perfetto” afternoon of day drinking in Courmayeur.

Gemma from A Girl and Her Dog on the Road

#23 Day Drinking in Verona, Italy

Day Drinking in Verona, Italy

Dining al fresco in the town square, dressed to the nines, wearing designer shades and sipping a great cocktail might seem like the ways of the rich and famous, but any Italian tourist can enjoy this day drinking tradition!

Walk along the rim of Piazza Bra in the heart of Verona, Italy to see cafes filled with locals and visitor alike. Mid-day they might be enjoying antipasti, formaggio, or a late lunch, but in their glasses, many will sport the blood orange aperitif very popular in this region, an Aperol.

Nicknamed “Ape” by the locals, this liquor can be served on the rocks, or more commonly in an Aperol Spritz – a combo of Aperol, Prosecco, soda and an orange slice. However you serve it, this drink is meant to be enjoyed during happy hour, to open your palate for the evening meal to come!


Harmony Skillman at Momma to Go

#24 Day Drinking in Negril, Jamaica

Day Drinking in Negril, Jamaica

When you are on Negril Beach in Jamaica, the only decisions you want to make are whether you should get something to drink, work on your tan or go for a swim! We digress however… let’s just concentrate on the day drinking!

When you are in Jamaica you will always hear people say “give me a Red Stripe” when they are at the beach bar. They are referring to Red Stripe beer, the most popular beer brand in Jamaica.

Negril Beach is a few miles of white sand beach dotted by hotels and the quintessential beach bars. You can basically work your way down the beach, stopping at the various beach bars to enjoy a Red Stripe beer. The beach bars are also a great place to people watch, enjoy the vibes and make new friends. At the end of your day drinking, you’ll get to watch the famous Negril sunset.

I am sure your final thought for the day will be that life can’t get better than this!

Charmaine at LuvMiHome with photo from Karl Kyhl

#25 Day Drinking on Lankanfilnolhu, Maldives

Day Drinking in the Maldives

Day drinking cannot get any better than on an exotic island resort in the Maldives. The Paradise Island Resort, otherwise known as Lankanfilnolhu in the north atoll in the Maldives, is a pristine white sand luxury resort island best for strolling around… with vodka, of course!

The Maldives is a tropical country and it gets pretty humid during the daytime, so the best way to beat the heat is by sipping a coconut vodka cocktail. The extremely refreshing coconut vodka is served at the Hulhangu bar, a sea-facing bar at the Paradise Island Resort. To give it a more exotic touch, the drink is served in a traditional Maldivian coconut. The refreshing flavor of the coconut, mixed with vodka and topped with lemon and mint leaves, is the ideal beverage to drink on a sunny afternoon at the beach.

Hydrating and refreshing, sipping a coconut vodka cocktail at the Hulhangu bar’s seafront porch is something that everyone should have the good fortune to experience.

The Sane Adventurer

#26 Day Drinking in Mexico City, Mexico

Day Drinking in Mexico City, Mexico

Xochimilco in Mexico City has to be my favorite day drinking experience.

Xochimilco is a series of canals that wind around chinampas, or artificially created islands with small farms, sometimes referred to as ‘floating gardens’. Bright, gondola-like boats crowd the canals, maneuvered by a driver with a long pole. A boat can fit up to 20 people, and you can rent one by the hour. Smaller boats weave around the bigger ones, selling all kinds of snacks and beverages.

I recommend getting a michelada, a Mexican beer cocktail. A liter-sized soda cup is filled with lime juice and Dos Equis beer, then the rim is smeared with spicy Mexican tamarindo candy and chile powder.

I was surprised to find that unlike the micheladas I was used to in the United States, micheladas in Mexico City aren’t made with Clamato, just lime juice (yay for vegetarian-friendly day drinking!). A Mexican michelada is thus bright, spicy, refreshing, and the absolute perfect cocktail for day drinking.

Really, nothing is better than day drinking on a colorful boat, alongside hundreds of other colorful boats also full of people day drinking!

Masha Kleshcheva at Fingertip Travels

#27 Day Drinking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Day Drinking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a fantastic location for day drinking!

There are lots of beaches so there’s no shortage of beach bars to whet your whistle. My favorite beach bar for day drinking is called El Solar and you can find it on Playa Camarones (“Shrimp Beach”). El Solar has an extensive drink menu but their best drinks, in my humble opinion, are their mezcal cocktails, or mezcalitas.

Mezcal is a Mexican spirit made from agave. Tequila is technically a type of mezcal, but while tequila is only made from one type of agave plant (blue agave), mezcal can be made from 28 types of agave, including blue agave.

Mezcal has a very distinct smoky flavor, which is why the jalapeno mezcalita is my favorite cocktail for day drinking at El Solar. They mix the mezcal with muddled jalapeno and serrano peppers, cucumber, triple sec, and a little bit of lime juice. It’s served in a short glass with the rim covered in Tajin seasoning (Mexican spicy salt) – a perfect compliment to this spicy, smoky beverage. It’s quite refreshing on hot afternoons, especially on Sundays when they have a DJ spinning chilled out tunes while you enjoy the ocean view from your umbrella.

El Solar does not use plastic straws which is just one more reason to love this place. It’s a must visit on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta!

Rachel & Sasha of Grateful Gypsies

#28 Day Drinking in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day Drinking in Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the best places to enjoy a day of relaxing and day drinking is in Amsterdam. It’s actually acceptable in the Netherlands to sit on a lovely cafe balcony and sip on a beer in the afternoon while you people watch and chat with friends. A lot of people come for crazier activities, but I think that most of the charm of the Netherlands lies in the fact that you can sit inside of a cozy brown bar (a historic bar with lots of brown wood) or just pick a random cafe.

Luckily, you don’t need to only drink Heineken. There are lots of great cafes and beers to choose from. One of my favorite spots in Amsterdam is Brouwerij ’t IJ. This craft brewery in Amsterdam (next to a windmill!) is open all afternoon and closes early in the evening, so you actually need to get started early if you intend to sample their fantastic beers. Otherwise, you can head up to Amsterdam Noord to sample beers from the Oedipus, another great craft brewery!

Karen from Wanderlusting K

#29 Day Drinking in Marlborough, New Zealand

Day Drinking in Marlborough, New Zealand

The New Zealand wine region of Marlborough is superb area in which to day drink your way through a series of amazing wineries.

You can easily rent a bicycle and cycle through ten wineries in a small area… or you can hire a driver and make it a heck of a lot easier. Whichever way you decide to go, Marlborough is a great wine region where Sauvignon Blanc dominates, but smaller grapes will win your taste buds.

Here in Marlborough you’ll find small boutique wineries like Gibson Bridge Winery and the up-and-coming Wairau Cove, alongside internationally known Cloudy Bay, and if you want a beer at the end of the day, there’s always the craft brewery, MOA!

A Social Nomad

#30 Day Drinking in Pyongyang, North Korea

Day Drinking in North Korea

North Korea may be more commonly known for the controversial politics. So it may be surprising to learn how acceptable day drinking can be in the capital, Pyongyang.

At every meal there will be beer available to enjoy and I must also admit the beer there is really good! The most common brand you will come across is Taedonggang beer… so much so that many tourists take some “roadies” with them to enjoy on long tour bus rides.

During my tour, there was only one day we were prohibited from drinking and that was for the opening ceremony of the Arirang Festival (also known as the Mass Games). Our guides wanted to prevent anyone from making a spectacle while we were going to be in the presence of the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

There are many other locally-brewed beers in North Korea. You won’t be breaking the bank, either since the tourist price is between $2-$3 for a bottle.

Petro Marais from Miss Petro Marais

#31 Day Drinking in El Nido, Philippines

Day Drinking in El Nido, Philippines

When considering the best places in the world for day drinking you’d be amiss to exclude El Nido in the Philippines from your list. El Nido is an eco-tourism hotspot with beaches are to die for and (very importantly!) the booze is cheap!

A party mecca on Palawan’s northeast coast, El Nido serves up adventure and nightlife like you’d expect. But once you’re done partying and island-hopping in El Nido, you’ll need a few days to recover. My favorite place to recuperate is the Mad Monkey Hostel on Nacpan Beach.

Here, the days are mellow.  When you’re sitting on the beach, being served chilled, fresh coconuts filled with generous amounts of Filipino Don Papa rum, life couldn’t be better!

When you finish your drink, go for a quick stroll down the deserted beach or swim in the gorgeous turquoise waters… the bartender will have another $2 coconut waiting upon your return! Day drinking here in the Philippines almost too easy!

Patrick Horsfield at Adventographer Travel & Photo Blog

#32 Day Drinking in Krakow, Poland

Day Drinking in Krakow, Poland

Hot mulled wine is quite popular in many places, but have you heard of hot beer?

“Hot” and “beer” are two words that one wouldn’t normally associate together, but hot beer is actually is an interesting beverage and if you are visiting Poland, you must try it.

Hot beer is served in most bars all over Poland. However, the bars in Krakow are especially popular, and among them is the Wrega Pub… where hot beer is served to perfection. Grzane piwo (“hot beer”) comes in many different varieties, depending on the spices that are added. Wrega Pub serves up two flavors: ginger and raspberry.  You see, hot beer on its own may not be tasty, but the addition of spices changes the flavor dramatically.

A large mug of this hot, mulled beer is perfect for day drinking, especially during the colder months. Wrega Pub is located in the Kazimierz area of Krakow, making it an ideal place to enjoy some day drinking after a spot of sightseeing. There are a number of seating options at the pub, including cozy indoor tables and a lovely a beer garden. Wrega Pub is not only a great haunt to try the grzane piwo, but also a lovely place to enjoy other Polish drinks and food.

Deeptha at The Globe Trotter

#33 Day Drinking in Lisbon, Portugal

Day Drinking in Lisbon, Portugal

Ginjinha is a liqueur synonymous with Lisbon, Portugal. Made from Ginja or Morello cherries, sugar and fortified wine, it is the go-to drink for locals and visitors alike, and I doubt that any visit to Lisbon would be complete without sampling at least one Ginjinha in Lisbon.

The famous cherry liqueur was drunk by the late Anthony Bourdain when he filmed his television show, No Reservations, in Lisbon. Apparently, he enjoyed a number of glasses of Ginjinha with the locals.

You can try Ginjinha with or without the alcohol-soaked cherry, from the little bars around the city that are open all day and late into the night. Although this is the first place that local people from Lisbon will stop before going out to eat at night, when we visited for a little day drinking at lunch time the tiny little bar was very busy.

You buy the Ginjinha and then go outside and drink it, spitting the cherry seeds on the ground (if you’re having a hard time finding one of the tiny Ginjinha bars, just look for the cherry seeds around the entrance!).  We recommended that you visit the Ginjinha Espinheira Bar (Largo de São Domingos, 8), which was founded in 1840.

Gordon Arthur at Short Holiday Getaways

#34 Day Drinking in Porto, Portugal

Day Drinking Port in Porto, Portugal

Porto’s most famous tipple is undoubtedly port wine. This sweet, fortified wine originates a few hundred kilometres upstream in the Portugal’s Douro Valley, but thankfully you don’t need to go far to start enjoying it. The cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the river from Porto, have been storing oak barrels of port wine for centuries.

You can justify your day drinking in the name of cultural tourism if you do a guided tour of one of these cellars to learn a bit about the history of port wine. Even without a cellar tour, there is a lot you could learn about the different varieties of port.

Did you know that it comes in four main varieties: rosé, white, tawny and ruby? I think you owe it to yourself to try them all, don’t you?

With the exception of rosé, these different colours of port improve with age.  So, I recommend sampling a twenty or even forty-year-old tawny to experience the rich caramel flavours. If this sounds a bit heavy for your day drinking (especially on a hot summer’s afternoon!), simply order a refreshing port cocktail from the rooftop bar of Porto Cruz, or any other Porto, Portugal café-bar.

Julie Fox at Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

#35 Day Drinking in Moscow, Russia

Day Drinking in Moscow, Russia

I visited Moscow, Russia as the first and last stop on my Trans-Siberian Express journey (yes, that sounds weird, but I only had enough points to fly to and from Moscow, not Vladivostock!).  Since the train journey turned out to be much less expensive than I’d expected, I had some money left for little splurges at the end of my trip.

Enter the Flotilla Radisson Royal, a luxury day cruise down the Moskva River that is the absolute perfect place for day drinking in Moscow.  There’s nowhere else in the city where you can safely (and legally!) see everything from the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral to Gorky Park and the former Red October chocolate factory, all with a cocktail in hand.

Prices in the on-board bar are high, which means crowds are low and you can easily secure a table with perfect views just for yourself, for the entire journey.  Bar staff regularly sweep through the dining area and kick out anyone who hasn’t purchased a drink, so don’t even bother trying to sneak in!  Instead, splurge on one of the potent vodka-based cocktails (like the electric green version I sipped on for more than an hour!) that somehow manage to taste like candy while packing a serious Russian punch.

Carly at Fearless Female Travels

#36 Day Drinking in Saint Martin

Day Drinking in Saint Martin

For our very first trip together, my husband and I went to the island of St. Martin.

Many people have heard of the famous beach, Maho Beach, where the planes take off and land right over the heads of beachgoers. But what fewer people know is that the island of St. Martin is famous for guavaberry liquor, which you can enjoy right there on the beach.

Guavaberry liquor is made from rum flavored with fresh guavaberries that grow on the island. However, just drinking guavaberry liquor by itself is probably just a recipe for disaster. Instead, I think it’s best to try it mixed into the Guavaberry Sunrise, a colada-type drink flavored with guavaberry rum instead of regular rum.

You can enjoy guavaberry cocktails all over the island, but the best place is to relax at the Sunset Beach Bar located on Maho Beach, where you can watch the planes fly over the beach. There is also a Guavaberry Emporium right in the middle of downtown, where you can buy bottles to bring home and reminisce about your island experience.

Lindsay from Excursion Everywhere

#37 Day Drinking in Franschhoek, South Africa

Day Drinking at Boschendal Estate, South Africa

Wine tasting is a great excuse for day drinking, and it allows you to sample delicious wines in beautiful settings.

One of my favourite wine tasting venues is Boschendal, a 300-year-old winery set on a traditional Cape Dutch farm in the Franschhoek Valley, South Africa. Boschendal is around an hour’s drive from Cape Town’s city centre. It’s a big estate where you can see fields grape vines, period buildings and rose gardens — all with a stunning mountain backdrop.

When I visited, I had a delicious picnic in the rose garden, which I’d highly recommend. But drinking a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc in the sun really made the experience!

To step your day drinking up a notch, head to the Manor House for a proper wine tasting experience, where you can sample different varieties of wines. They also do vineyard tours, or you can get even posher with a wine and oyster tasting.

Maire at Temples and Treehouses

#38 Day Drinking in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Day Drinking in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Visiting South Africa’s Cape Winelands is the perfect excuse to start day drinking delicious wines early in the morning.

In the Cape Winelands, most tasting rooms open at 9:00 or 10:00 am and close around 4:00 or 5:00 pm, so it gives you a full day to taste all the different wines at either a specific estate or at several different vineyards.

On Sundays, we love to go to Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. They make award-winning wines and they do grape juice tasting for the kids, so it is a win-win for everybody. You can choose to taste from three different ranges and can even pair your wine tasting with a chocolate tasting!

Once you tasted all the wines, buy a nice bottle (or two), fill your own picnic basket at the deli and find a nice spot on the lawns to enjoy the rest of the day. In case you would like to take a break from drinking, explore the amazing art on the farm, take a self-guided walk or book a Segway tour. Then, in case you don’t want to leave, why not book yourself into the hotel and stay the night?

Jessy Lipperts at Planet Pilgrim

#39 Day Drinking in South Korea

Day Drinking Soju in South Korea

After living in South Korea for a year I would have to stay that it is by far one of the best day drinking destinations in the world. South Korea is actually the country that consumes the most alcohol in the entire world, because of their great love for soju, a traditional Korean spirit. 

You will find day drinking to be a common activity among the locals. Most convenience stores have tables and chairs set up outside for people to enjoy their snacks, beer and soju any time of the day or night.

One of our favorite places to day drink was in the public parks! Koreans enjoy spending a nice warm afternoon at the park, throwing a frisbee or flying a kite. We would bring a blanket and lots of snacks, and of course we would never forget the beer and soju! Whether or not it is actually legal to drink alcohol in the public parks is still a mystery to us, although we never received any weird looks or ran into any trouble with the local police… and many other locals were participating in the same activities!

Jess Drier from Unearth the Voyage

#40 Day Drinking in Girona, Spain

Day Drinnking in Girona, Spain

There is one form of day drinking that is perfectly acceptable throughout the Catalan province of Spain – taking a vermouth.

Because Catalans tend to eat lunch late, perhaps around 2:00 pm or later, there is a tradition of enjoying a vermouth before lunch. It’s a way to catch up with friends and family and drink a pre-meal aperitif to prepare the stomach for a big meal.

Vermouth is a big deal in Catalonia, with Vermouth bars opening around 11:00 am, and closing around 3:00 or 4:00 pm. Vermouth is a fortified wine, served over ice, with a lemon slice and often an olive stuffed with anchovies on the rim. It is best enjoyed with a few little tapas, including a tortilla espanola, olives or anchovies.

The best place for vermouth in Catalonia is in Girona, in the Costa BravaEl Vermutet is a small, local bar with some outdoor tables in Girona’s Old Town.  On Saturday and Sunday it is often packed with Catalans taking a vermouth. El Vermutet is truly off-the-grid: it has no website, no Facebook page, and no listed hours. If it is open when you walk by, stop for a daytime drink, because you never know if you will get another chance!

Amber Hoffman at Only in Costa Brava

#41 Day Drinking in Mojacar, Spain

Day Drinking in Mojacar, Spain

I arrived in Mojacar, Spain on the Mediterranean coast in April, coming from a wet, damp Ireland.

My first stop in Mojacar was a beachside cafe and bar overlooking the gorgeous blue Mediterranean Sea. I perused the menu, trying to find the most authentically Spanish dishes to try.

On the drinks menu I had noticed the tinto de verano and tried to recall exactly what it was, as I don’t think I had ever had one. I quickly Googled the drink and learned that its name translated into “summer red wine”, which seemed like a most appropriate drink for my first visit to Spain.

So, when the waiter arrived, I ordered my seafood paella and a tinto de verano!

When it arrived, I discovered that tinto de verano is a lovely drink made from Spanish red wine mixed with a fizzy pop, usually Fanta Limon, Sprite or soda water.

Similar to sangria, this light, soft, bubbly red wine spritzer is now my go-to drink for hot summer days. Actually, whenever the sun shines it’s a great day for tinto de verano… no need to wait for summer!

Faith Coates from XYUandBEYOND

#42 Day Drinking in Oviedo, Spain

Day Drinking in Asturias, Spain

Alcoholic apple cider, known as sidra, is a popular drink in northern Spain, all the way from the Basque region in the east to Galicia in the far northwest.

Sidra is not just a drink, however… it is a cultural affirmation!  And no where else is this more evident than in Oviedo, the capital city of the Asturias region.  This is where this local drink really comes into its own.

Sidra is so popular in Oviedo that there is even a street named after it!  Sidra Street is filled with restaurants serving local dishes. In these restaurants, sidra is served from bottles poured about three feet above the glass, in order to aerate the liquid. It’s amazing to watch the waiters expertly pour the drinks from such a distance without missing a drop.

Sidra plays an important part in the culture of northern Spain, and in Oviedo in particular. It is a low-alchohol drink that can be enjoyed any time of day, and is especially refreshing in the mid-afternoon heat.

Talek Nantes from Travels with Talek

#43 Day Drinking in Malmo, Sweden

Day Drinking in Malmo, Sweden

Winters in Sweden are a challenge.

The darkness comes early.

The days are cold and damp, and can leave one feeling tired, cold, and discombobulated.

Enter Akvavit, or Aquavit, to the rescue.

Aquavit is an alcohol that has been used to warm the Scandinavian body, mind, and spirit since the 15th century.

Akvavit is distilled from grain and potatoes, and is flavored with herbs and spices. It has a distinct flavor that admittedly has to grow on you. But once it does, yippee, as it provides a nice warm feeling to ward off the early darkness and short winter days.

Not for the faint of heart, Aquavit is 40% alcohol by volume, or 80 proof by US standards. It will kick your butt and take you prisoner if you have too much.

Still, Aquavit is such an important part of Scandinavian culture that it is used to toast weddings, graduations and Christmas dinners.  Typically served as shot, it is consumed after singing a song, called a snapsvisa or a “schnapps song”.

Aquavit is also perfect for day drinking, but does it even count as day drinking if it its pitch black outside at 15:30?  I am calling a Scandinavian winter exception.

Akvavit is versatile and plentiful here in Malmö. Come join me for a swig at my favorite watering hole, Kajutan… day or night!

Shelly Jarvis at Niche Travel Design

#44 Day Drinking in Västerås, Sweden

Day Drinking in Vasteras, Sweden

Algsafari is an awesome event that happens during July in Västerås, Sweden. The direct translation of the event’s name is “Moose Safari”, but don’t worry – no moose are harmed.

Algsafari consists of two important elements – floating aimlessly down river in an inflatable rubber raft, and chilling with a great beer.  The river is full of people joining in the safari, and local stores even stock up on cheap inflatable boats in preparation.

When you stop by the System Bolaget (the government liquor shop, and the only place you can buy booze in Sweden outside restaurants and bars), you’ll see bright green and yellow signs promoting the event. I would recommend picking up some Elk Brew, a Swedish beer that is known locally as the best bang for your buck – and honestly, who wouldn’t want to be on a Moose Safari while drinking beer with a moose on the label?

The Moose Safari is an amazing day… you can bump into other boats, have impromptu boat parties, go swimming, or just chill out on your boat and sip your Swedish beer. This is one of the best local cultural experiences that I’ve had while traveling, because people really get into it and love to socialize. If you get into the spirit of things you’ll get a real taste of local Swedish culture! 

Just remember to take sunscreen and water because this isn’t an official event – once you’re on the water there’s nowhere to restock – and take your rubbish with you. Let’s keep this event going for many years to come!

Sam from Travel With the Muses

#45 Day Drinking in Bangkok, Thailand

Day Drinking in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is good for many things – seeing all the temples, eating your body weight in pad Thai and spending the day in the sun with a Chang beer. And if you’re going to do this, there’s only one place to do it right: Khao San Road.

Ideally, you’ll grab a chair on the slightly raised area of Chart Bar or Best Bar, as they have plenty of seats that face directly onto the road, allowing you fantastic people watching. Yes, you’ll get hawkers coming up to you roughly every five minutes but they’re friendly enough and, after your second pint of Chang (or, once your beer tower reaches the bottom) you won’t care anyway.

Do not, and I cannot say this strongly enough, day drink with the cheap buckets of mixed drinks that the bars offer. Therein lies madness – or at least, the worst hangover of your life!  I speak from personal experience.

Helen from Destination>Differentville

#46 Day Drinking in New Orleans, USA

Day Drinking in New Orleans, USA

New Orleans has as many iconic drinks as other cities have ice creams, and it takes a while (and a lot of day drinking) to find your favorite beverage.  It was on my third or fourth trip to New Orleans when I discovered the powerful Hand Grenade and instantly fell in love.

While you can find daiquiris and Irish coffees anywhere, only the Tropical Isle Bar in the French Quarter sells Hand Grenades. The recipe for the Hand Grenade originated here in the late 1980s and is patented by its owners. The drink is frozen and sugary sweet, with a melon flavor, and it is served in a tall green container shaped like a hand grenade.  This is all perfect to mask what it actually contains – vodka, rum, gin, grain alcohol, and melon liqueur!

The drink hits you half an hour later, and by then you are floating in the chaos of Bourbon Street… no wonder the Hand Grenade is consumed in large quantities by day drinkers during New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebrations. The Tropical Isle Bar even has its own mascot for the Hand Grenade and over a million drinks are sold every year!

Ketki of Dotted Globe

#47 Day Drinking in San Diego, USA

Day Drinking in San Diego, California, USA

Of all the cities I’ve explored, San Diego takes the cake for the perfect day drinking location. With weather that makes you want to be outside and a big drinking culture, it’s so easy to lounge by the beach and spend your whole day drinking!

While there are a ton of great drinks here- like margaritas, craft beers and mezcal, I would recommend mimosas for your San Diego day drinking experience. There is a mimosa here for every type of drinker.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “But I hate mimosas!”, opt for a mimosa flight at restaurants like Crushed or Cafe 21 so you can try lots of different blends at once and potentially find the perfect mimos for you.

If you like starting your day early, some restaurants, like Second Nature, serve mimosas as early as 7 am.

If you’re broke, you can find $1 mimosas at Dunedin’s weekend brunch happy hour, and if you love mimosas, most brunch places in San Diego have bottomless mimosas starting at $10 – I suggest you check out Sessions Public!

Angelica at Things to Do & Eat

#48 Day Drinking in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

Day Drinking in San Juan, Puerto Rico

When it comes to day drinking piña coladas, there is no better place to enjoy the pineapple, coconut and rum concoction than Barrachina in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Barrachina, a restaurant nestled in the heart of Old San Juan, claims to have been the birthplace of the piña colada in 1963. Be advised though, there is disagreement that the piña colada originated a few years prior at the Caribe Hilton.

Regardless of what you believe, Barrachina is the perfect place to spend the day slurping your delicious piña coladas. Step instead the salmon-colored establishment and enjoy your boozy island essential. There is a beautiful open patio where restaurant goers can bask in the sun. Nearby there are numerous parrots squawking at locals and vacationers. You can also find refuge under palm fronds that decorate the patio.

Piña coladas are an essential day drink in Puerto Rico not only for their historical importance, but also because of their island vibe. Puerto Rico boasts a relaxing lifestyle where islanders go slow and rest easy. This sweet drink, donned with a festive paper umbrella, is the ideal way to relax, unwind and enjoy the island vibes.

Martha from Quirky Globetrotter

#49 Day Drinking in the Santa Ynez Valley, USA

Day Drinking in Santa Ynez, California, USA

The Santa Ynez Valley in southern California, USA, is a fantastic place for day drinking! The Santa Ynez Valley is a wonderful part of the world where the sun shines warmly for much of the year and winters are mild. The rolling hills are covered in vineyards and horse ranches. The quiet roads curl around between fields and buildings.

This region is also renowned for its chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, and is home to around 120 wineries. Many of these California wineries their doors to people who want to come and indulge in some wine tasting (and perhaps also learn a bit about how the wine is produced, though that’s not compulsory!).

You can book a wine tour and visit several different wineries in a day, or base yourself in one of the wonderful villages and station yourself in your favorite wine tasting room! Our favorite wineries in the area were Bridelwood and Rancho Sisquoc. We also loved Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafe in the smart village of Los Olivos, where the food was excellent and they had a huge range of wines to sample in relaxed, trendy surroundings.

Clare Dewey at Epic Road Rides

#50 Day Drinking in Sonoma County, USA

Day Drinking in Sonoma County, USA

Wine is life in Northern California.  The north part of the state is known for its vast range of wineries, wine makers and wine culture.

Sonoma County is one of the spots that you can’t miss. If you are looking for a day of great wine, day drinking and some beautiful scenery, Sonoma County is the place to go.  It is a short twenty-minute drive from the Santa Rosa Airport or roughly two hours from San Francisco International Airport.

Sonoma is filled with wineries. You can spend days in the region and still not see all of the wine. A top winery in the region, however, is Kunde Family Winery. Established in 1904, Kunde is known for its authenticity and their fruity wines. This winery was one of the first wineries in the region and it continues to produce elegant and well-balanced wines.

A must try while visiting Kunde is their Sauvignon Blanc– Block 4SB20. This wine has aromas of honeysuckle and fig, and the flavor of green apple and lemongrass. It is the perfect summer afternoon drink when paired with some sharp Parmesan cheese, grapes and crackers.  You’ll want to spend hours sipping this Sonoma County wine and enjoying the stunning views.

Hannah Latimer-Snell from Bold Destinations

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