25+ Canggu Restaurants With Delicious Vegan & Vegetarian Food

Afrika Smoothie Bowl at Cafe Organic, Canggu, Bali

Read any “things to do in Canggu” list and you’ll probably notice that a lot of the top activities in Canggu, Bali involve sitting around and eating, whether it’s sampling the spectacular array of vegetarian restaurants and vegan restaurants in this little surfing town, hunkering down in a trendy cafe for an afternoon iced latte or trying traditional Indonesian cuisine at a locally-run warung (typical small restaurant).  Simply put, Canggu is a foodie paradise, and it’s particularly enticing for plant-based travelers looking for a never-ending (seriously!) selection of fresh, healthy, meatless meals.

I stayed in Canggu, Bali for more than two weeks (across three separate visits) and made it a personal mission to eat at as many of the town’s restaurants as possible.  On all three visits I was based on the north side of town, around Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, so most of my dining adventures were in that area.  I’m a vegetarian (you can read all about my history of traveling as a vegetarian) but would estimate that more than half the meals I ate in Canggu were vegan, as oftentimes the plant-based dishes were the most interesting choices on the entire menu!

Below, I’ve listed all of the restaurants I visited in Canggu.  To keep things fair, I’ve left the list in alphabetical order (not in order of best to worse, or vice versa).  Scroll down to the “C”s to find out where I ate the epic smoothie bowl from the top of this post!

Almost all of these Canggu restaurants earned my seal of approval, and a few were so good that I went back for a second (or third!) visit.  As well, all of the restaurants noted below are easy to find on Google Maps or maps.me (if you’re offline) so I won’t list all of their contact information.

As always, let me know in the comments if you agree, disagree or have any questions about vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Canggu!

Al Bacio Gelato

Al Bacio Gelato in Canggu, Bali

Al Bacio was the closest ice cream shop to my first guesthouse in Canggu, so I stopped by twice for afternoon ice cream.  My favorite was their tiramisu flavor, but I was also impressed by the “Army” flavor (matcha, coffee and “crunch”, I think?) that looked like military fatigues.  They have vegan options, WiFi and air conditioning.

Amo Cafe

I ended up at Amo quite a few times while I was in Canggu.  I visited the Amo Spa twice: once to have a massage and spend a few hours in their sauna area (additional charge, but well worth it!), and a second time to have a shellac pedicure.  I also visited the Amo Cafe twice: once for a quick refresher during my sauna session (I had the Black Moon, a drink made from pineapple, activated charcoal, mint, lime and aloe vera) and a second time for a smoothie (the Morning Beauty, with pineapple, coconut milk, turmeric, banana, cinnamon, black pepper, chia seeds and maca).  It’s a great place to sit with a drink and work online for an hour or two, but do note that they request you make a purchase every hour if you’re planning to camp in the cafe all day.

Beach Garden

Beach Garden was the first restaurant I visited for dinner in Canggu.  I visited for dinner and sampled their jackfruit curry.  I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t say it was much more special than the vegetable curries you can find at traditional warungs.  Beach Garden serves meat, seafood, vegetarian and vegan dishes, and has decent happy hour specials (especially for couples).

Betelnut Cafe

Betelnut Cafe in Canggu, Bali

My first breakfast in Canggu was at Betelnut Cafe.  I had one of their breakfast combos, with a vegetarian breakfast wrap and fruit smoothie.  It was a great deal but not the most innovative breakfast I tried in Bali.  I much preferred Betelnut Cafe as a lunch and dinner option, as their huge salad bowl (with four different kinds of salads, and your choice of chicken or tempeh) was a perfect, healthy dinner.  Betelnut Cafe has lots of breezy seating on the upstairs patio, and a few air-conditioned tables at street level.

Bro Resto

I came all the way to Indonesia to eat French-Chinese fusion cuisine, apparently.  Bro Resto has a dumpling-centric menu that includes dumpling salads, dumpling soup, steamed dumplings, fried dumplings and other Asian-fusion dishes.  I had the Garden Gyoza salad and really enjoyed the contrast between the abundant fresh veggies and the indulgent crispy gyoza.  Their menu cautions that the little green leaf symbol means vegetarian-ish, so you need to communicate with the staff if you want a meal fully free of animal products.

Bu Mi Warung

Vegetarian and Vegan Food at Bu Mi Warung, Canggu, Bali

Probably the most famous warungs in Canggu, Bu Mi has a good reputation for its quick-rotating, buffet-style selection of affordable Indonesian food, dished up at rock-bottom prices.  Food doesn’t sit around in the display cases very long here, as it’s quickly snapped up by both locals and travelers.  Bu Mi Warung has an entire case of vegetarian-friendly dishes, so I opted for a huge slice of fried tempeh, some chili-spiked beans, steamed broccoli and another vegetable that I still can’t identify (was it bamboo shoots?).  The four portions, along with a can of soda water, cost 32,000 IDR ($2.25 USD).  This is a top spot for budget travelers, or anyone who wants a break from the Westernized dishes at Canggu’s most famous restaurants.

Cafe Organic

Afrika Smoothie Bowl at Cafe Organic, Canggu, Bali

Cafe Organic in Bali is an Instaworthy cafe serving up healthy breakfasts, including avocado toast and smoothie bowls.  I had the (un-PC) Afrika smoothie bowl, with cacao, peanut butter, cashews, maca, banana, granola, chocolate chunks, coconut, halva and vegan caramel.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Yes, it’s a breakfast, and not a dessert!  There are lots of clearly-indicated gluten-free options on their menu, and this Canggu staple is 100% vegetarian and vegan.

Canteen Cafe

This is one of the few restaurants in Canggu that didn’t impress me, despite their great reviews online.  I had their vegan avocado toast plate, which turned out to be one piece of sourdough with mashed avocado, some “sauteed” mushrooms, a swirl of beet hummus and a few bites of leafy greens.  Unfortunately the mushroom were not very good (maybe they were canned?) and the whole thing was plated so that the bread soaked up the mushroom liquid between the kitchen and my table, making for a soggy slice of avocado toast.  I’d recommend dining elsewhere.

Clear Cafe

One of my favorites in Ubud has recently opened a Canggu restaurant, and their location here is just as fun as the one in Ubud (maybe even more?).  Check your shoes upon entry and then head upstairs to the lovely, breezy seating area.  If you’d prefer to sit downstairs, you can travel back down via slide or even pole (or just use the stairs if you want!).  At Clear Cafe Canggu I had a smoothie bowl that has disappeared from their online menu, but I believe it was made with Vitamin C-packed fruits like mango, pineapple and orange.  This restaurant is mainly vegan and vegetarian, but it does serve some seafood.

The Common

Vegetarian Breakfast at The Common in Canggu, Bali

Billing itself as an “Australian-style” brunch restaurant, The Common is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a broad menu featuring vegan dishes, vegetarian options and a limited amount of meat (mostly bacon, and a little fish).  I was wowed by their “Let’s Start with Eggs”: a big portion of scrambled eggs served with toasted sourdough (served warm… I find a lot of Indonesian places toast the bread then let it sit), chive butter and fresh herb salad.  I asked for a side of avocado with mine, to make a simple version of avocado toast.  It was excellent and I’m already planning to return to try their chili-oil scrambled eggs too.  Do note that prices are fairly high: my breakfast (with a latte) came to 110,000 IDR after the tax and service charge were added.

Dandelion Warung

Usually, a warung is a typical local restaurant, often with buffet-style dishes served by their staff, and sometimes with made-to-order basics like fried rice and fried noodles.  However, some warungs have taken things up a notch, and Dandelion is one of those.  Walkable from the center, Dandelion Warung in Canggu is located in a spacious wooden building that feels like a cross between a living room and a library. The walls are covered in books, and yes, you can bring one of your own and exchange books here (I asked!).  The menu features elevated Indonesian dishes that are beautifully-prepared and seasoned with complexity… but take note that serving sizes are small.  I had an appetizer (corn fritters) and main dish (the “special” grilled eggplant) and would call it a light supper. Fortunately, prices are very reasonable so you can order two or three dishes and not break the bank.

Deus Ex Machina

A surprising disappointment.  I didn’t really “get” what this restaurant was going for – I think it’s in a custom motorcycle (or scooter?) store and maybe it picks up a bit at night, but my falafel wrap was the most disappointing thing that I ate in Bali.  There was just a bunch of bland, watery lettuce in a wrap with a few falafel patties that looked… recently frozen?  I also can’t recommend it for solo diners, as their happy hour drink specials require you to order two of the same drinks… at the same time.  Go elsewhere.

Green Guru

Yoda Smoothie Bowl at Green Guru, Canggu, Bali

Specializing in smoothie bowls, this little cafe borders on a street food stall, but does have some seating.  I had the Yoda smoothie bowl, with a base of banana, avocado, papaya and spirulina, that was topped with mango, papaya, banana, coconut, blueberries, granola and bee pollen.  I enjoyed my smoothie bowl and recommend Green Guru in Canggu as an alternative to some of the “trendier” (and more expensive) health-oriented cafes.

Gypsy Kitchen

As a Canadian, I had to stop by this Canadian-owned restaurant in the heart of Canggu.  The menu does include some meat dishes, but it’s very vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.  I visited for breakfast and had The Green Giant: a spinach omelet with roasted veggies, potatoes, homemade ricotta, basil and feta, served with a little fresh fruit.  It was good, but I wish it had been served with a slice of their bread.  I’m planning to go back to try their banana french toast.  Like The Common (above), prices are a bit on the high side here.

I Am Vegan Babe

Vegan Food at I Am Vegan Babe Vegan Restaurant in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

A total highlight of my visit to Canggu.  This vegan restaurant doesn’t have a flashy sign (that I noticed, at least?) but it does have an expansive menu of 100% vegan dishes ranging from smoothie bowls to tacos.  Portions are large but you leave feeling energized, not weighed down.  I had their Mexican bowl, with a spicy, soy-based mock meat, avocado, tomato salsa, black beans, lettuce and fajita veggies topped with coconut sour cream and all served on top of seasoned brown rice. Yum!  I Am Vegan Babe in Canggu is only open for breakfast and lunch, so don’t leave your visit too late!

Ithaka Warung

Ithaka Warung, Canggu, Bali

Loved the concept, wasn’t impressed by the execution.  I’d actually like to give Ithaka Warung a second try, as I think I just made the wrong choice from their menu of Indonesian and Western food.  I had the “Love Indonesian” plate with fried tempeh, fried noodles and vegetable fritters.  I knew it was a lot of fried food, but it was too much fried food for me.  Next time I’ll try a salad or their vegetarian yellow curry.  Lots of vegan and vegetarian stuff on the menu here, but meat is served too.

Mad Pops

Mad Pops Ice Cream in Canggu, Bali

The first time I went to the Mad Pops ice cream shop, it was around 9:00 pm and they had sold out of almost every flavor (including every one that interested me).  I returned a few days later around 7:00 pm and they still had a great selection of artisanal ice creams, including – hear me out – “Spiced Turmeric Caramel Crunch”.  My first spoonful of this flavor was off-putting, but the deeper I dug into the huge single scoop, the more I grew to seriously love it.  The texture and flavor were truly unique… and delicious!


Mocca Cafe in Canggu, Bali

I really wanted to make this my “home base” cafe in Canggu.  Located on a quiet cross-street in the center of Canggu, this cafe is well-decorated (especially upstairs) and has a great breakfast, lunch and coffee menu, including vegan and vegetarian options (along with meat).  I spent a few afternoons here writing blog posts for you, but occasionally the upstairs area was closed, and I just found it too hot downstairs to enjoy my drink, much less get any work done.

Naked Bun

A very pleasant surprise!  I didn’t expect much of this burger-centric restaurant, but I was intrigued by their version of a veggie burger.  Called “Corn Off a Cob”, it starts with an Indonesian-inspired corn fritter and then gets topped with sambal mayonnaise, Asian slaw, pickled veggies, cheddar and fresh herbs.  They have lots of vegetarian choices, but vegans will have a tough time here.


I didn’t actually eat here, but only because I felt so uncomfortable here that I had to leave.  The local staff were absolutely lovely, but the foreign owner (manager?) was treating them so disrespectfully that I downed my drink in about five minutes, quickly settled my bill and left at the earliest opportunity.  They have good vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast and lunch, but dinner is more meat-centric.

Peloton Supershop

Avocado Toast at Peloton Supershop in Canggu, Bali

This one is outside my geographical comfort zone, on the opposite side of Canggu from where I was staying.  Peloton Supershop is a kind of cycling-themed cafe and boutique, with a 100% vegan menu.  I went for breakfast and tried the “tandem toast”, featuring one slice of avocado toast and one slice of roasted pumpkin toast.  At first it looked a little bit simple (especially when it was still covered by a heaping pile of greens – the photograph above shows what was under all that greenery!), but as I ate each slice I discovered hidden flavors, seasonings and textures that really elevated the dish.  Recommended for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Fabbrica in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

One of my travel friends wanted to go for pizza on her last night in Canggu, so we headed over to Pizza Fabbrica, a busy Italian restaurant with lots of different thin-crust pizzas (and some other treats too).  Although the restaurant was really busy, we were seated quickly (upstairs, with a view over the street below) and our orders came very quickly.  I had the vegetarian pizza and thought it was done really well – the vegetables had been thinly shaved before being grilled, so they had already released all their liquid (is anything worse than soggy veggie pizza?).

Plant Cartel

On my last visit to Canggu I stayed in a newly-opened, family-run guesthouse called Sunflower Stay & Surf.  It was located right beside Plant Cartel, a 100% vegan fast food restaurant with plant-based interpretations of popular fast food dishes.  I tried the “SFC Burger” (with SFC standing for Southern Fried Chicken), featuring a mock fried chicken patty, beet slaw, pickles, lettuce and vegan chili mayo.  With a side of fries and a lemonade it was a full meal, but it was a bit too greasy for me.  If you want a great veggie burger in Canggu, I’d recommend heading to Naked Bun or Clear Cafe (both mentioned above).

Poke Poke

Poke Poke and Roti Canai in Canggu, Bali

As a vegetarian, I’ve never tried a real poke bowl.  However, I give my stamp of approval to the vegan poke bowl at Poke Poke in Canggu.  Their vegan version features a base of leafy greens and brown rice, and is topped with mixed seeds, pickled ginger, wakame seaweed, goji berries, cashews, tofu, cherry tomatoes, avocado and an orange-honey dressing.  It was quite good, but it was super-difficult to eat from the tiny bowl without spilling everywhere!  Ask for a fork!  They have lots of different bowls, including traditional poke bowls with tuna.

Roti Canai Street Kitchen

I hate almost-ending this list on a disappointing note, but I can’t recommend Roti Canai in Canggu.  It’s located right beside Poke Poke (they actually share a cash register and drink service) and it’s loosely inspired by the flavors of India and Malaysia, but my dish was a disaster.  I had their large roti with vegetables (it has a funny name but I can’t remember what it was called).  It was supposed to have tofu or tempeh, but they were sold out, so they offered to add extra veggies.  In reality, I think they just added extra watery iceberg lettuce, along with a handful of other soggy steamed veggies, and the whole thing was just… damp.  Or, shall we say, moist?  If you want good roti, consider going on a visa run to Kuala Lumpur instead!

The Shady Shack

Breakfast at The Shady Shack in Canggu, Bali

The Shady Shack is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has a broad menu of totally vegetarian and vegan foods (no bacon here!).  It’s quite popular thanks to its shady (!) garden setting, with a pretty view of a small rice field across the street.  I visited for breakfast and had their open-faced omelet, with spinach, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, mushrooms and Parmesan, which was served with sourdough toast and a seriously tasty tomato sambal.  This is one that I would definitely return to for lunch or dinner as well.

Two Moods

Smoothie Bowl at Two Moods, Canggu, Bali

A new addition to the Canggu dining scene (as of mid-2019) this pretty cafe on the same street as The Shady Shack and I Am Vegan Babe has dishes for breakfast and lunch/dinner (hence the “two moods”).  Sit down on some vintage furniture, look out into the rice fields across the road, and indulge in one of their sweet or savory breakfast dishes, like this delicious yellow smoothie bowl packed with superfoods like chia seeds and even turmeric.  The lunch/dinner menu looked appealing and I would definitely have gone back if I’d had more time.

Traveling to Bali?  Check out my guides to Ubud (without a scooter!) and come back soon to read my upcoming guide to the two smaller Nusa Islands (Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan).

The best vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Includes the hottest places to get a smoothie bowl, veggie burger, plant-based Indonesian food and more!Exactly where to find the best meatless meals in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. These vegan and vegetarian Canggu restaurants serve everything: Buddha bowls, pizza, ice cream, salad, veggie burgers and even traditional Indonesian food.

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