Could This Be the Best Hostel in India? (It’s Got a King-Sized Bed!)

by Carly | Fearless Female Travels

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen my tweet from late last month where I shared some stunning pictures of the place I was staying, along with the caption, “Things I Did NOT Expect to Find in My New Hostel in India”!

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Now that I’ve checked out of this practically-mythical hostel and safely traveled more than a thousand kilometers away, I’m ready to disclose the precise coordinates of this little backpacker hostel paradise so that you too can book a stay in what might just be the best hostel in India…

Is this the best hostel in India?

Bed in Moustache Hostel Udaipur

So, have you ever seen a bed that looked like that in a backpacker hostel?  Much less a backpacker hostel in India?  I didn’t think so!

I found myself checking into this luxurious hostel room when I arrived in Udaipur, India, at the absolute busiest time of year, and needed to change my accommodation at the last minute.  Back in Jaipur I’d met some guys from the Moustache Hostel in that city, and they seemed cool, so I reached out to the staff at the Udaipur location when I realized I needed a new place to stay ASAP.

The staff at Moustache Hostel Udaipur quickly checked their computer system and found that they would be able to squeeze me in (even though it was like, three days before Diwali)… but on my first night they only had one room left: the superior double room.  I didn’t ask too many questions, since the price seemed very reasonable to me, and twelve hours later I found myself dragging my bags across the lake to their location in the historic city center.

After a quick check-in the staff led me up to the second floor to show me my room, and that’s where I encountered the huge, king-sized bed shown above… carved into the white walls on a raised platform, with Indian-Moroccan details, it looked more like a harem than a hostel at first glance.  (Oh, and did I mention there were four pillows just for me?!)

Tea and Coffee at Moustache Hostel Udaipur

At the foot of the bed there was a sitting room with a glass table with two armchairs (not shown… I think I forgot to take a photo), which was the perfect place to relax and have a drink of coffee or tea, using the complimentary kettle and drinks housed in one of the carved niches in the wall.  Of course, there was also powerful air conditioning (though I didn’t really need it, as Udaipur has a great fresh breeze blowing in off the lakes).

Moustache Hostel Udaipur Bathtub

What really convinced me that this might be the best hostel room India, however, was the bathroom.  I walked under yet another arch into the two-room bathing area.  Obviously, the first thing I noticed was the spotlessly-clean, full-sized bathtub, surrounded by candles and with its own floating flowers to fragrance the air!  I did take a hot bath (followed by a scrub using one of the kese mittens I’d bought in Turkey) and emerged feeling cleaner than I had since I left home in Canada four months earlier.

Bathroom in Moustache Hostel Udaipur

The bathroom also featured a sink and hair dryer, and through a second door there was a rainfall shower and modern toilet.  This second room had a floor-to-ceiling glass window with a view onto the room’s private balcony… showering there was an absolute pleasure!

Balcony Doors at a Hostel in India

Private Balcony Udaipur Hostel

I think I reached Peak Glampacker when I swung open the stained-glass doors in the seating area and stepped onto my own private balcony. From here I could see a quiet street behind the hostel where local residents of Udaipur went about their daily business… and once, I even saw a lemur jumping from one building to another!

Although I only spent one night in the superior double room at Moustache Hostel in Udaipur, I feel confident in saying that it’s the best hostel room in India.  For the price of a normal dorm room in Western Europe, you get an opulent suite all to yourself.  It’s the perfect place for couples on a budget or for solo travelers who need a little peace, quiet and comfort during a long trip around India.

After my first night at Moustache Hostel Udaipur I stayed in two other rooms: a four-bed female dorm room (without air-conditioning, even!) and a budget double room (with air-conditioning that I didn’t even turn on).  Both rooms were clean and comfortable, and both had attached bathrooms (no wandering down the hostel hallway in your towel here!).  I can confidently recommend any of these rooms at Moustache Hostel in Udaipur, so even if the fancy superior room is out of your budget, it’s worth checking into one of their more affordable hostel rooms.

While you’re at Moustache Hostel in Udaipur, I’d recommend taking advantage of some of the different activities they have on offer here, whether you’re solo, with a partner or with friends.  During my stay they had free masala chai every evening on the rooftop terrace, daily walking tours of the city center, almost-daily hiking trips to Tiger Lake and some other events, including really fun family-style dinner nights featuring very traditional Rajasthani food.  If organized activities aren’t your thing, just hanging out on the comfortable rooftop, with its stunning views of the city and the lake, can make for a great afternoon or evening.

(As always, this is an unbiased post and I didn’t tell the staff at Moustache Hostel Udaipur that I was a blogger.  I paid in full for my stay.)

Have you ever stayed in a luxurious hostel room?  If so, share the details below! 

And of course, let me know if you have any questions about Udaipur or solo female travel in India… I’m happy to answer them in the comments!

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